Thursday, January 30, 2014


I like having a good camera.

I like taking pictures.

I like that I see things differently through the lens.  I gain a new perspective.

And I want to know how to better use my camera.  I want to better understand lighting and lenses.

I think I want to take a photography class.

But classes are expensive.

I've tried learning from online sources, even sources that claim to make it easy to understand.  But somehow it just doesn't click.

I want to focus by hand instead of by the auto focus on the camera.

I want to understand aperture and composition.

I want to know how to take indoor photos without using my flash.

I've done a couple of photo projects for friends, for community theatre and it has whet my appetite.

I want to do more and do it better.  I don't want to be a pro, I don't want to start a business.  I just want to feel like I know what I'm doing instead of getting lucky when I click.

Feel free to share your favorite online resources - I might need to sit down with my camera and some good websites and try again.



Chrissy Guthrie said...

Digital Photography For Dummies is an excellent resource. You can check out to see what free online articles and tutorials they may have.

Angie @ Just Like The Number said...

Nothing helped me learn my camera and get better as a photographer more than the Fundamentals class I took through Indy Photo Coach. It's a short class - just 4 weeks - and pretty reasonably priced. They usually offer a class in Fishers, too. I'm not sure if they do it all the time, but when I took the class they cut you a deal if you signed up with a friend. I just asked on Twitter if anyone was thinking about taking a class and found a "friend" that way!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I don't know how much the community colleges are near you, but I took a photography class at my community college a few years ago. It was pretty inexpensive, especially compared to a lot of other photography classes that are out there. Just a thought.