Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Indiana State Fair 2014

And what a great State Fair it is (yet again)!

I think something that makes the Fair a success, for me, is when I discover something new or do something I've never done or taste something I've never had before.  There was one year where I left feeling disappointed because it had just been all the same old same old stuff.  Don't get me wrong - I have my Fair traditions and things I must do.  But it's the unexpected moments and finds that make the Fair special.

I spent 12 hours at the Indiana State Fair with my kids and husband and part of that time with a group of bloggers/friends.  And then I went back on Tuesday evening for a few hours of fun with some of my co-workers.

Celebrating Indiana Pork!

We started the day being silly!

Miss Indiana State Fair 2014.  And some lady with a crown.
Enjoyed seeing some very hard working 4H kids showing their "fuzzy cows."
This was the first year in decades that alcohol has been allowed on the Fairgrounds.  Rather than just having a beer tent on the Fairgrounds, I really like how our State Fair has handled the reintroduction of alcohol.  instead of just drinking beer, the exposition is in a single building and is focused on Indiana produced beer and wine.  There were about 6 vendors there when I visited with my friend, GotchaBaby.  There were 2 wineries, an orchard (hard ciders), and 4 breweries.  We each paid $5 dollars and received 4 tasting tokens.  If we'd found something we'd liked, there was a bar and sitting area where you can buy a glass for $5.  When you enter, you must show ID, you get a wristband with 3 stubs on it.  When you buy a tasting or a glass, they remove one of the 3 stubs.

A actually did 2 tastings of the Apricot Sour from Tin Man.  Tin Man is located in Evansville.  And the Apricot Sour was good enough that I might need to plan a road trip!

Y'know... just hangin' out with Al Capone.
One of our favorite areas is the Family Fun Park.  Teagan is almost too big for Little Hands on the Farm but she did still enjoy it this year.  We had fun strollin gthrough while the kids did the set up farm chores.

Grapes of Wrath of Khan

A visit to Pioneer Village found a new treat - a real barber!  He asked that we just pay him whatever we would pay to get a haircut elsewhere.  Zach enjoyed his old fashioned haircut and loved getting a matchbox car when he was done.  I think he also liked all the attention from people walking by.

Earned hats at the Glass Barn after completing BeanGo (a scavenger hunt type game).

Always fun to feed the goats at Goat Mountain outside the DNR Building

Good Daddy - holding Teagan's purse
One of the few foods that I *must* eat each year.  Ya Ya's Tomato Balls.  It's like a moist hush puppy with chopped up tomato and onion and such.  Served with a yogurt type dipping sauce.  This is the $2 Tuesday portion.

One of my all time favorites at the Fair - the Circl City Sidewalk Stompers Clown Band

Outside the very very crowded Dairy bar - handing out free samples of Superman ice cream

Gorgeous old heater at Hook's Drug Store

 Zach took to the giant slide all by himself.  He went once.  And then swore to never ever go again.  His faces crack me up in this series!

Teagan hung out with a friend and they enjoyed racing from ride to ride on the Midway.

 And one of the highlights of the night - for Teagan - was attending the free Bridgit Mendler concert on the Freestage.  The night was mad emore special when we ran into 2 families from church.  We had a great time hanging out, waiting for the concert to start and hoping the rain and storms would pass by quickly.

Unfortunately, the concert was way too overwhelming for Zach.  As soon as the first song started, he covered his ears and started to freak out.  So I took him out of the tent as quickly as possible and we went to find something else to do.  And that something else, surprisingly, ended up being the Three Hills Rodeo.  Zach really enjoyed keeping track how long a cowboy stayed on the animal - got excited by them staying on the full 8 seconds.  And he laughed at the rodeo clown, Danger Dave.  We even started to leave for the night but then came back to watc more!

This horse had no interest in playing.  She came out and gave a half buck... and then just walked.  The cowboy got to ride a different horse.

The amazing thing is that I've spent about 16 total hours at the Fair and still haven't done everything that I want to do.  I haven't had a glass of tomato juice in the Ag/Hort building.  I haven't bought honey.  I haven't walked through the Expo Hall.  I haven't stepped foot in the Home and Family Arts Building.  I haven't had roasted corn on the cob.  I haven't ridden the shuttle all the way around the loop.  I haven't gone on the Ferris Wheel.

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I thought I didn't really care about the county fair this year, but this post makes me really want to go!