Friday, January 30, 2015

Middle Age

There are things about reaching "middle age" that are awesome and there are things about it that I'm kind of annoyed by.


Being 40 means that I feel like I'm finally a full on grown up. I thought that feeling would come at 30 but 40 has brought a different sense of maturity with it.


People older than me still see me as young.  And not just that I look young.  Like, being 40 isn't enough.  "40? Wait until you hit 60!"


I have always had a love of fruits and veggies but now that I'm older, I can tell when my body really needs a healthy uptick. I'm glad I have a foundational love of a wide variety of fruits and veggies because it makes it easier to jump on the fruit and veggie train when my body demands it.


Some foods have started to become difficult for me.  I used to enjoy a bowl of cereal before bed.  But now? Milk after ten becomes Honey Bunches of NOPE.  Unless I want to be gassy all night and have my sleep interrupted by trips to the toilet.


I still look young enough to get carded when I buy alcohol.


I still look young enough to get carded when I buy alochol.


Some of my favorite mature (read: older than me) women have talked about mellowing out as they age. It becomes easier to recognize what things are unimportant and just let them roll. And that means you've got better focus and energy for the things that really are important. It's like you look back and wish you had the energy of your 20's and the wisdom of your older years. And the best part is that there is a good chance that the next decade will just bring more wisdom, more mellow.


Sometimes, I just don't have the energy to deal with the drama in life. And I know that 10 years ago, I would have attacked that problem with more vigor but now... I just can't.


And then there is the stuff you just notice... it's not good or bad, awesome or annyoing.  It just is.  Like seeing age spots on my hands. Realizing that my hands don't look young anymore. Like being excited to start being physical again (tae kwon do) but also realizing that some of my limitations are being out of shape but some are also being old.  And realizing I need to get a mammogram.  And recognizing bladder control changes, memory function changes, energy level changes.

Overall, I think this getting older thing is pretty great. Because the wisdom and more laid back feelings about life are well worth the body changes. I find that I appreciate friends and fun times and joy and sunrises and simple things in a deeper way than I did before. I look at younger women and younger moms and I can see myself in them, I can see how I used to be.  And I can look at more mature women and moms and I can see where I will someday arrive.

Middle age. I think I like it just fine.

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The Melmeister said...

This op-ed in the NYT is fantastic, and goes right along with what you're musing...