Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Team Colors

This past Sunday, there were a couple of football games. I onl yknow about them for 2 reasons.

1. My husband paid attention.
2. A lot of people wore blue (for the Colts) at work on Friday and to church on Sunday.

I'm not a football fan so if my husband didn't watch the games, I'd have no clue what happened.

But I still would have noticed the sea of blue jerseys and sweaters and t-shirts at church.

I'm in a special position where I'm up in fornt of the church. I sing with our worship team so I get to see the congregation in one big view.

Sunday, there was a lot of blue in the seats.  Blue is the team color for the Colts. And the team and the media had grabbed on to the idea of everyone showing team support by wearing blue.  Show your team spirit.

I wonder if God's team has a color? What if we started to treat worship the same way we treat sports?

What if we sat in the pews or the chairs at church on Sunday and we had on our team colors - gold or purple or silver, maybe. A sea of color showing that we belong to God.

What if, when our pastor and worship team took to the platform... when the praise band started to play... what if we were so excited to worship, to cheer for God, that we leapt up from our seats with our eyes and hearts and minds focused on Him?

Maybe we'd even bring pom poms and noise makers.  Maybe we'd be unafraid to put our hands in the air or to jump up and down.

Maybe we'd sing along loud and proud to the national anthem - which in church is any of the songs or hymns that we sing. The music is our anthem. Anthem - "a rousing or uplifting song identified with a particular group, body, or cause"

When the lead pastor walked into the room, would we stand and cheer?  When he preached, would it be like the press conference after the game where the reporters are so eager to know more and dig deeper that the run over each other with their questions?

When he called us to pray the Lord's Prayer together, would we say it quietly and to ourselves? Or would it be like that team with that tomahawk chop thing where the entire stadium fills with the noise of the voices combined with one mission?

If church was like a sporting event... wouldn't we be a lot more emotional?  Wouldn't we be jumping to our feet with excitement? Cheering for our favorite member of the team - God, Christ, the Holy Spirit? Wouldn't we get upset if someone were to "disrespect" us for our faith? Would we stand up for our beliefs about God with the same passion that we scream at the referees?

What if being a Christ-follower meant you felt and expressed the same passion, love, and excitement that is so easy to show as a Colts-follower?

Imagine how different church would be on Sunday morning if it looked a lot more like a sporting event on Sunday night!

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