Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The 2017 List in March

1. This is looking both more challenging and more possible to accomplish. On the one hand, we are seeing more anxiety from the kids about being away from us right now. On the other hand, we have become friends with a family that Teagan thinks she'd be ok to spend the night with. Our original plan was to basically just trick the kids - we act like it's just date night, Christy puts them to bed and they wake up to find Christy still there! I think it will be a bit later in the year before this one happens.

2. No effort made on my part for this one. Yet.

3. Heading to Gatlinburg in a few weeks!

4. I haven't done anything specific to really deep dive but I did listen to this on NPR about Islam and recommend it for everyone -

5. I'm waiting for spring.

6. See #5

7. Getting there. Slowly. This final color belt is challenging.

8. Prayer and reflection - check.

9. Working on it.

10. Getting there. Also slowly. Reading Henri Nouwen's "Discernment" and getting a lot from it.

11. Not happening aside from tae kwon do. Need to move this up the priority list at some point.

12. Yoga - similar to #11.

13. Again - slacking. Need to make this happen.

14. Spring - I promise!

15. Spring and summer

16. Free hugging has been done once. I have a plan for a second time but haven't made it happen yet.

17. I am about to finish book #9 (Black Man In A White Coat) for the year. I think Glory Over Everything by Kathleen Grissom will be next. I've had to step back from the book club just due to my schedule being too crazy right now. But we do have our first family book club meeting coming up - 3 families getting together to discuss a book we all read. Here is what I've read so far:

18. I am journaling. Even had to get a new journal. My last one lasted almost exactly 2 years. And Teagan and I have a mother-daughter journal we share.

19. This one is going very well.

20. Need to up my commitment a bit on this one. We have a system but we need to be more strict about the kids doing the assigned daily chore.

21. I think this will be one that I reflect on at the end of the year more than anything.

22. I have not done this. And I could count it as time in nature and prayer time if I'd just commit to making it happen.

23. I'm wearing it. But I need to work at using it to motivate me to get more steps. I do like tracking my sleep, too.

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