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Mar 2012: Back in 2010, I started this journey to become a Healthier Me.  My last update from that original journey was November 2010.  At that time, I thought I was going to keep on track and head right into my half-marathon plan the following May.  Life changed.  In April of 2011, my job responsibilities were increased 3 times over.  For at least 4 months, I lived my work.  I brought work home on evenings and weekends, I cam in early, stayed late, and worked through lunch.  I was given a Big Problem that needed to be fixed.  Recovering from that life change was harder than imagined and I responded by stress eating, making unhealthy stress based choices, and giving up on exercise almost completely.  And I gained weight and lost fitness.  I tried several times to get back on track but would fall back to bad habits within a day or two.

I took a big leap in February of 2012.  I joined Weight Watchers- my first time really seeking help to get my weight under control.  I am doing the online program.  1 month in and I have lost 10 pounds.  I am back to regular gym workouts with fitness goals in place.  We have also joined the YMCA.  I am blogging weekly about my progress and encourage others to join me!

2012 GOALS: 
Get my weight below 200 lb.  Run the Fishers Freedom Festival 5K in June.  Experience different workouts and fitness challenges.

Mar 1 to June 25, 2010
240 lb to 206 lb
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I am on a new venture to become fit... to become healthy.

It was easy for me in high school- I was very active, had a high metabolism, and stayed very thin as I grew taller.  In college, I gained about 30 pounds in the first 2 years.  And that was ok- that put me around 150 lb and 5'9".  I think I look and feel my best around 150-170. 

My starting weight on March 1 is 240 lb.
My weight on April 1 is 223 lb.
My weight on May 1 is 213 lb.
My weight on June 18 is 206 lb.

I've had 2 babies.  I gained a lot of weight at the end of college and even more in my first marriage as I stuffed my feelings down with food and also celebrated with my obese husband and his obese family.  I was down to about 190 when we divorced and then I met my husband- Jeff.  I gained 10 lb back in my happiness with him. 

Prior to our wedding, I wanted to lose weight.  I started Atkins.  I read the book and learned a lot about food and how our bodies work.  I did Atkins successfully and felt good about it.  But I chose to stop for our wedding weekend.  And I never really went back.

Within months, I was pregnant.  Then nursing, then pregnant, then nursing.  So there I was- 230 lb, out of shape, eating poorly.



Now... I hit a period of motivation and regular exercise- was succeeding in becoming healthier and stronger- in Aug of 2008.  Lasted about 6 months and then my motivation floundered.  And it was just exercise- I was paying no attention to my diet.  I didn't feel like I had the time and energy to do both.

I have a close friend (we've been friends about 10 years and now we also work together) and we do our best to support and motivate each other- and sometimes we drag each other down. 

Our gym is across the street from work.  It's a small, intimate setting.  No fancy bells and whistles.  A cardio room, a large weight room.  A personal trainer on site. 

So the new plan, the inspiration, the new, healthier me:

I have signed up for my first ever 5K.  It's the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.  April 17 in Indianapolis.  I could easily walk that distance right now.  I don't want to just walk it.  I want to jog at least half of it.

I am doing the Couch to 5K program.  The 5K on April 17 will be my first Week 8 workout.  My plan is to follow up this casual 5K opportunity with another 5K after I've finished all my weeks. 

I am attending a "boot camp" on my lunch hour twice a week.  This is run by the trainer at our gym.  It's designed for just a few people to attend- up to 5 or 6.  It's 30 minutes of high intensity calasthenics and cardio and some weights.

On days that I miss the boot camp or don't intend to hit the gym, I have a Wii at home.  Sometimes, light movement with the games on the Wii Fit Plus and sometimes 30 minutes or more of sweating and increased heart rate with the Wii game Just Dance. 

Along with all that activity, I'm making an effort to get extra movement in by taking the long way down hallways at work, parking far away, getting more active with my kids, and wearing a pedometer with a goal of 10,000 steps or more each day.

Food is an important part of my drive this time.  I am making healthier choices.  I am thinking about what I put into my body and what that food produces for me.  I am using The Daily Plate on Livestrong.com to get a handle on my calorie intake and to track my workouts.  So far, I come in pretty well under my daily caloric intake goals. 

I don't measure success in pounds.  I measure success in strength, endurance, ability.  This isn't about looking better, being skinny, or whatever.  I rarely get on a scale.  I will weigh myself from time to time because with all that I am doing, the pounds should come off and if they don't, that will be an indicator that something else is wrong.  So I will use a scale as a guideline, a reference.  But it won't dictate my goals or my plan!

I'll post from time to time about my accomplishments, my struggles, my progress and I hope you will follow along- and maybe even join me!


I am SO PROUD of myself!  I have lost 17 pounds in a month.  I've had a physical for the first time in a decade.  I am making healthy food choices.  I am working my way through the Couch to 5K program.  I am attending Boot Camp twice a week.  I am exercising at home on the days I don't go to the gym.  I have fit into a size smaller jeans and I hesitate to buy any new clothes until I slow down on weight loss and know I will wear that size for the season.  But I may be forced to buy new clothes soon anyway- my skirt today is falling off and I have to keep hiking it up.  I can run a 5 minute interval.  I have muscles.  I am strong and energetic and feel awesome.  I take vitamins every day.  I am truly amazed at the changes I've made and the success I've had in sitcking with it.

I've had amazing support from friends and family- both online and in everyday life.  I have to give credit to those people who leave positive comments on the blog, who offer advice on the Facebook fan page, who encourage me and pray for me and celebrate with me.  I have an amazing support group that I am accountable to and that helps tremendously. 

I also have to give serious props to my husband.  Without his support, finding time to run would be nearly impossible.  Without his support, making healthy food choices would be a struggle.  He is enjoying my success and continues to support my hard work and I love him for it.

I'm excited to see what May 1 brings!



Click the pic to see it larger!

I did the Race for the Cure.  I did not do the competitive start so it was too crowded for me to run much.  I ran when I could and was pleased with how good I felt when it was over- I could have kept going.

My next 5K is June26.  I am training now to get myself up to being able to run the entire 3.1 miles. 

I started Zumba and got hooked.  My loving husband, as a Mother's Day gift, bought me the DVDs.  I got started in a group fitness setting but an evening away from the kids every week doesn't work so well for us.  The DVDs are a good compromise.

I'm pretty solidly down to a size 14 / L.  The size 14 khaki pants that I bought for work are just starting to get a little loose so I might end up moving into a 12 in some pants, soon!

I had a weekend where my eating wasn't as on track as I wanted it to be.  But that's why this isn't a diet- it's a dedication to an overall healthier way to live and eat and be active. 

My goal is still focused on running that 5K.  I am making slow but steady improvements.  With the introduction of Zumba, I didn't focus as much on running for a week.  Still did my running but not with the same focus and intention.  I think it was good to have that change because my focus is definitely back on track now!

I have more energy.  And I don't just mean that I'm not sluggish and tired.  I mean that I have a need to be active and moving and busy.  At home, I want to do things.  I'm hoping that, over the next month, I can learn to channel this energy and start using it to really get stuff done around the house.  I'm thinking of taking a couple of days off of work and dedicating myself to housework and getting our home whipped into decent shape.

I feel sexy.  For real.  I love to look in the mirror and see how strong and curvy and shapely I am.  I've always loved, respected, and admired my body.  Now I downright turn myself on. 

I can wear my wedding ring.  I can feel my hip against the mattress when I go to bed at night.  That front collar bone (the clavical, I think) is pronounced and defined.  My neck is long and slim.  My feet are smaller. 

I am actually looking forward to buying a new swimsuit.  *gasp!!!*

Shortly after starting to be a Healthier Me, I took pics of myself in my underwear at the gym after a shower.  Front shot, side shot.  I took them again recently.  While they aren't pics that I will be sharing... I have to say that I can really, really see a difference!


I've kept on through vacation, stress, and everyday life.  I'm not at a maintenance level of where I want to be- I still have goals to accomplish.  But I like that I am maintaining my Healthier Me lifestyle overall.

- I'm having a knee issue that might prevent me from accomplishing the goal that started everything.  I had signed up to do a 5K that happens in my neighborhood every year.  I could have signed up in previous years  and walked it.  But I never did.  Could have signed up to walk it this year.  Not my goal, though.  My goal is to RUN the entire 3.1 miles of the 5K.  However, the knee thing might hinder me. 

- I'm maintaining my size in terms of clothing.  Those size 14 pants that were getting loose on May 1?  Totally loose now.  I tried on the size 12's in the same pant... they button (YAY!) but are a bit too snug in the tooshie.  So I'll wait another few weeks before I proceed with buying myself a pair of size 12 pants!

- I'm really in sync with healthy eating choices.  Yes, I get tempted.  But not the way I used to.  Now, I see a fast food place and what used to call to me... now sounds gross.  Why eat a drive through breakfast of processed eggs on a processed biscuit when I could have a whole grain english muffin with an over easy egg instead?  Even better... why stop and waste time, money, and a meal on something I will just be disappointed in when I have yummy cottage cheese and fresh fruit at work?  My weaknesses remain- overeating as an emotional response and snacking after the kids go to bed.  My choices are healthier but these are behaviors I am working on next.

- Workout schedule tends to be 30 minute Boot Camp on Monday and Friday at lunch.  15-20 minute Ab Blast on Wednesday at lunch.  Run 2-3 miles (run/walk) Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.  Rest on exercise but remain active on Sunday.  Throw in some evening activity from time to time like Wii Just Dance or a family walk around the neighborhood or weeding the garden.  I find time to do the Zumba DVD's about once every other week or so.

- I am not tied to my scale and I like it that way.  I use my Wii Fit balance board to weigh in.  My goal is to weigh in every other week.  But if I miss a Friday morning weigh in... I'm ok with that.  If I completely forget to weigh in for a few weeks... I'm ok with that.  I'm still very set that things like the scale and my clothing size are guidelines, milestones of improvement, side effects of the changes I am making.  These aren't numebrs that define me or my success. 

If you are working on getting healthy... or are looking to get started... well, I'm not an expert and I'm not trained... but I am a pretty awesome cheerleader and motivator and would love to connect with you.  Feel free to drop me an e-mail ( gentlemomlc (a) gmail (dot) com ) if you have any questions about me and the changes I've made.  Or "like" the Facebook page for Eternal Lizdom and leave a comment over there so I can connect with you that way.  If you're wanting to get started... or if you're struggling to keep going... lt's support each other!!

Nov 17 Update

The journey continues.  I have to say that I'm kind of amazed with myself for sticking with it for as long as I have.  I've been running for almost 9 months now!  I've been doing 5K races and am training to do a half marathon in May 2011.  I'm struggling a little bit with my food right now but I'm focused and not in nearly as bad a place as I could be or as where I was when I started.  I run 5-6 days per week and get in 2-3 miles per run, generally.  I'm still working on building endurance.  Initially, my motivation was to be able to run.  I now feel more like a runner and am getting focused on weight loss.  I was succeeding like crazy when I started my journey and I need to get back on track.  I'm getting back to logging my food and beverage consumption on Livestrong.com's Daily Plate so that I don't exceed calories and so that I do log in my exercise.  I have to say- it's all more of a lifestyle now.  I can't imagine going back to being as completely unhealthy as I was before. 


June 25 Pics

May 1 Pics

April 1 Pics

March 1, 2010  ~ My current pictures.

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