Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This N That

I've been exhausted all day so I'm not going to form many coherent thoughts this evening. So here's a bunch of random stuff! 1. I found a new TV show taht started last week on MTV called "If You Really Knew Me." I loooooove the premise of the show and you can watch it online and you realy need to go watch it. It airs Tues at 11 EST. 2. We went to the Farmer's Market this past Saturday as one of several errands to run. I only needed to pick up a bottle of lemon pepper dipping and cooking oil. It was pet day so I ended up VERY distracted. There were various rescue and humane groups there... which meant oodles of adoptable dogs. I've been around adoptable dogs before and it's been fine. They are nice dogs but there isn't that connection. Until now- when I met Trice. Teagan liked him and he liked Teagan. He liked Zach and Zach cracked up at anything that dog did. He's the kind of dog that looks into your eyes and not just at you. He hugged me- pushed his head up against my arm, gave me kisses. Jeff and I are discussing but we really aren't sure that we are ready for another dog or how that would impact Sassy. But... if you are in the Indy area and you've been looking for a dog... well, I highly recommend Trice. Or just go visit the Humane Society of Hamilton County and see if there is a dog or cat that's right for you. They've taken in hundreds of owner surrenders in the past few months and are over capacity and in desperate need of homes. 3. Saturday is going to be a great day! First, I get to go to a free Zumba session at 10. While I'm gone, Jeff is taking the kids to his parent's house for the day- big fun for them and date day for us! Jeff and I are going to spend the day at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. We can enjoy a nice lunch together and then walk around the museum without kids demanding, questioning, refusing, being loud... just hold hands, walk, view, take in, be together. Then we pick the kids back up by dinner time and get to enjoy that meal with Jeff's parents. 4. Had a really great time with Teagan on Saturday. She had been invited to 2 different birthday parties for that day. However, given all the issues we've had lately at home and school and even church with her behavior, I didn't feel that she had earned the opportunity to attend. So I had turned down the invites but said we would stop by and drop off a gift. Teagan handled a hectic morning really well so I told her we'd stay and let her play with her friends for a little bit. We talked about why she didn't get to do everything or stay the whole time at the party... and she seemed to understand. And she was an angel at the party. She never fought me when I encouraged her to speak to her friends, to wish the birthday girl "happy birthday," to thank the mom and dad for inviting her, to walk out with me when it was time to go. She handled it all so well and I made sure she knew how proud I was of her. It wasn't some big magic moment that has changed everything- but I do feel like we are on a verrrrrry slooooooow upswing and that things are getting better. How about you? What little bits and pieces are floating around for you lately? Photobucket


Mrs. Kelly Rooks said...

I am in my mid-thirties, and I am addicted to watching reality shows on MTV!ha! I loved that new show! I was so in tears when the football coach called his son up in front of everybody! I love the Teen Mom, Made, and True Life series too!ha!

Amy said...

I never watch MTV. I'm more of a Food Network girl myself. That doesn't mean I can cook. It just means that I like to watch other people cook.

Trice is a cutie, but I'm full up on dogs now!

Garret said...

I hate looking at pets. I feel so sad and want all of them. :-( No photo of the dog?

Yay for Teagan!

Eternal Lizdom said...

Garret- you can click on his name- I linked to a pic of him on Facebook.

Garret said...

Hmmmm, dunno how I missed that. He IS adorable!

My word verification: poolog - what you pick up when having a large dog.

Minivan Lover said...

We adopted our dog (I often refer to her as a goat in my blog...) The adopted doggies are so great. Parker has been looking at me saying, "pee-pee?" and then running to the potty to do his thing. He's awesome :)

Anonymous said...

Yay for Teagan! I am so happy to hear she was easy on mom and earned a little time with friends!

I'm kinda in a funk. Not sure what my next move to get out of this funk is...but I need to find that move soon :(

Other bits & pieces...DH is still on the hunt for a new-to-us car. The process seriously frustrates me.

I've been missing my friend a lot lately. I need to make some time to visit.

I'm not one bit impressed with my fitness challenge. To be honest I have really slacked off.

Think I am going to go see if the kids want to go run w/me now.


Anne K. said...

Good for you for planning time for you and Jeff! I hope that you two have a wonderful and romantic time at the museum. Sounds like bliss. :-D

Unknown said...

Ooooh, your solo date with Jeff sounds amazing. I find moments like those to be so, so good for the soul. Sometimes I'll drop the girls off at my Mom's house on the way to pick up Colin from work and that 30 minutes alone in the car ... to just talk and listen to music without kiddo background noises ... is bliss!