Thursday, July 1, 2010

Upcoming Getaway!!

I am very excited that I am going to be able to take my family on another overnight getaway, cram packed with oodles of fun! This time, the CVB of Fort Wayne, Indiana has invited us to come and visit - to see what all Fort Wayne has to offer families. I'm already noticing that I won't be able to fit everything in to just 2 days!! I've jam packed the itinerary as it is... Fort Wayne Children's Zoo Fort Wayne Tin Caps (minor league baseball) Museum of Art (which has a new children's area) Firefighter Museum Science Central (including a very cool looking Hubble Telescope exhibit) Things I'd like to do but can't squeeze in include the Botanical Conservatory and a trip to the public library. The Botanical Conservatory looks beautiful from the pictures I've seen and I always enjoy a walk through a beautiful and bountiful garden, seeing plants and flowers that I've never seen before. Plus, there is a talking tree, apparently, and kids can climb through worm holes! What's so exciting about the Fort Wayne Public Library? They have an amazing genealogy center and you can meet with a professional genealogist to start learning your family history. I'm also told that the downtown branch has a huge children's area and playroom that aren't to be missed. I might be forced to swing through a local chocolatier while in town, too- DeBrand's Fine Chocolates. I've been to Fort Wayne on business twice. That meant drive up, sit in an office building, tour the plant, go to lunch somewhere downtown, drive back home. Business trips rarely give you the opportunity to enjoy the town. I'm very excited for this trip because I've heard a lot of great things about Fort Wayne as a getaway destination for families! And, of course, I'll be bringing you all along with me. I'm getting more and more comfortable with Twitter so definitely follow me there for quick pics and information about where we're headed next! I'll post pics to the blog and that posts automatically to Facebook. So plenty of ways to feel like you're on a little getaway with us! I wonder if I have any readers in Fort Wayne? Photobucket


Garret said...

Yay for getaways, vacations and the like! Ih and a special yay for chocolate!

Missy Wheeler said...

I live in Indy now, but I went to High School in Fort Wayne and grew up in a small town just north of Fort Wayne. The Zoo & Science Central are both fun, but make sure you stop by DeBrand's their chocolate is wonderful.