Friday, February 17, 2012

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I am constantly impressed by how different and the same all of our stories are... while my experiences aren't the same as yours, so much of what I gain from my life experiences is similar to what you gain in your very different from mine life experiences.   Deeeeep.  Do you have any deep thoughts today?


I am so very excited for tonight!  A friend from church is having a small group of women over to her house for a class on healthy Chinese cooking!  The small group class is offered by Sunny Chinese Kitchen.  Check out the website- I think this is really cool!  What's your fave Chinese dish?


It's rare for me to pick up promotions that are offered to me.  I generally just scan past or delete the flood that comes into my inbox.  Part of that is because I'm not going to share something here that I don't truly stand behind.  Part of it is because I didn't get into blogging for promo business.  But I've been contacted on a couple of things in regards to health and fitness that I am excited to see where they lead!  Do you have fitness questions or workouts you might be curious about?


On that same note, really glad Valentine's Day has passed because the offers I was getting on interviewing divorce lawyers and promo'ing adult toy and condom offers was really getting out of hand.


Can't decide if I like this pic because they are cute together or if I find it stunning that my girl is getting so big and is so pretty.

Have a great weekend!



Wayne W Smith said...

I am currently getting into that thought process whether I want to do anything commercial on my blog. Good luck with finding a niche that you feel comfortable with.

Unknown said...

I love Chinese food. My favorite are steamed dumplings which I can't find in the US (we ate them everyday for breakfast in Taipei when we were there). One of our dreams is to live in Asia for a few years. I'd like to learn how to cook more CHinese food since our daughter is Han Chinese and we are expecting another baby from Taiwan soonish.

For fitness, I just can't find the commitment to get on a program because I'm not battling a weight issue. I think I'd be a lot more motivated if I did have an issue instead of just feeling like I should get out there and do something.

Happy Friday!

Keetha Broyles said...

I made a decision right from day one to NOT be commercial on my blog and it has saved me easily from requests I didn't want to give any attention to.

Bill Lisleman said...

interviewing divorce lawyers? seriously? that sounds like a weird possible spam one to me. I don't typically read pass the subject line on the spam. Gmail is good in sorting it.
Deep thoughts - I think they get deeper the older we get. Such a variety of subjects on blogs but the ones I like the best are reflections on life with some humor thrown in.

Heather said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend, especially with that cooking class. I have a ton of great recipes for healthy Chinese cooking if you want me to pass them on. They are bariatric friendly but can totally be modified a little bit for you & your family! :)

I'm getting into the blogging thing again and definitely don't know if I want to blog for commercial aspects of it but I am definitely gearing my blog more towards my weight loss surgery and how it's changed my life for the better, food wise and other ways. I'm also working a few writing projects which I can't totally talk about yet but am SUPER excited to do :)

Your girl IS beautiful and I cannot believe how big she is getting compared to when I first "saw" her on your blog!