Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Preserving Memories- Lillybug Photography

A special guest post today!


First, I would like to thank Liz for allowing me this wonderful opportunity to share with her readers a little bit about myself and a little special gift just for her readers. I’m Sarah and I live on the North side of Indy with my 4 year old daughter, husband, and 2 golden retrievers….all of that equals never a dull moment! In addition to being an on-location photographer, I am a stay at home mom and homeschool our daughter. I have always lived in Indiana (grew up in Mishawaka), went to Ball State & graduated with 2 degrees in Elementary & Deaf Education, my husband and I got married, and we moved to Indy. At the time, I worked for Pike Township for four and a half years as an itinerant Deaf & Hard of Hearing teacher. I would travel between 13 elementary schools and service 26 kids on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Before becoming an official stay at home mom I also worked for one year at the Indiana School for the Deaf where I was an Early Intervention Specialist. While I was there, I coordinated play groups and provided home visits to families where I educated them on their child’s hearing loss.

Thinking back to my childhood, I am pretty sure I received a new camera every Christmas, each one with a new feature and more advanced from the last. At a young age I had a love of photos; I loved taking them, anxiously awaited for them to be processed (thank goodness we don’t need to have photos processed anymore, I am really not a patient person, I LOVE this digital world we live in!) so I could live through those special moments again, and another fun hobby, putting those photos in a scrapbook where the story was retold. I remember one time with one of my film cameras; my sister and I had a friend over and while my mom was visiting with a friend we were in my bedroom, door shut, having a "Glamour Shot" session. We dressed up, had umbrellas as props and went through 2 rolls of film. I will never forget looking back through those pictures remembering how mad my mom was when those photos were developed in that we ‘wasted’ the film but oh the fun we had. It was so worth it!

Fast forward to staying at home I felt that even though I am loving the stay at home, homeschooling life something was missing. That missing piece to the puzzle was me following my love and dream of being a photographer. Last year I was talking with a friend, one who had actually gone to school to be a professional photographer. The church he was working for was moving in a different direction and he was left without a job. In conversations I mentioned that he should be a photographer and start his own business; I even told him that I would join him in this journey. In that, an amazing journey would start for us, we started planning our partnership together, he mentored me, and in the timeframe of a couple of months Lillybug Photography was created. Then last July he was offered an amazing opportunity, one that he couldn’t pass up and would have him move to Arizona in the matter of a couple of days. Although I was disappointed that one of my best friends & business partners would be leaving, I knew this was something he wanted for himself and of course we supported each other. I supported him in his decision to go forth and follow his dreams and he supported me in continuing Lillybug Photography without him.

Since we have created Lillybug Photography, it has blossomed. I have been able to touch many families and capture their special memories. Each session is a special session, it tells a story, it captures each individuals personality, and it creates memories for each member of that family for the years to come. I have loved every type of session I have been able to capture. Engagement sessions that are full of love, maternity sessions that are full of excitement & wonder, newborn sessions that are full of pure innocence & beauty, and family sessions that capture your family as it grows. I’m especially excited to capture the memories at three weddings this summer, an extreme honor.

With that, I would like to offer 2 special readers of Liz’s blog a session with me for only $75 (50% savings). Your session will include up to 2 hours of photography time, a disc with 50-75 edited photos on it and a print release so you are able to print your photos as you wish. I will also include for free an upgrade on your disc that will include every photo on your disc in color/black & white/sepia (a $40 value). In addition, I would appreciate for those 2 special winners to write a small review on your session experience and your photos.

For any other reader that would like to take advantage of a photo session special with Lillybug Photography, I will offer you a full session for $120 and 50% off a disc upgrade; all you need to do is mention this blog post when scheduling your session. I would like to invite you to visit Lillybug Photography at
www.lillybugphotography.com and www.facebook.com/lillybugphotography.

I look forward to capturing your memories of you, your family, and your life that you can look back on and forever remember.


I hope some of my local readers will consider taking advantage of this offer!  Sarah is a fantastic woman- I've had the pleasure of meeting her a few times.  To be eligible for the special offer above (bolded), please leave a comment sharing your favorite memory that was captured by a photograph. 


Sarah was so touched by the memories shared that she is offering her 50% off special to everyone who commented yesterday!  Andrea, Michelle, Leticia, jocro3, Gina Dean, Mickey, Julie, and Nancy- Please email me so I can get you in touch with Sarah!  And Garret... if you ever come to Indy...  

There's still a drawing- 2 of those names listed above who are getting the 50% off deal will get the disc upgrade (with the black/white and the sepia images)!  And the 2 winners are...  GINA DEAN and MICHELLE.




Garret said...

Beautiful photography. I've often said that about Liz's photos too!

Andrea V. said...

The first time we went to the Toronto Zoo when I was a kid, we loved it. We just thought it was the coolest zoo. When we returned home and my dad developed the pictures he took, we found that he had just happened to snap a photo as a mama elephant accidentally stepped on the baby elephant's trunk. That photo has been framed and hanging in my parents' home for about 30 years. Everytime I look at it and see the baby's trunk s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d out as he tried to back away from his mother's foot, I can hear his startled yowl.

Michelle said...

Liz, you've gone and done it. You have NO IDEA how much I want to meet Sarah (and I think you know my personal reasons). Wow. Please consider me VERY interested in the special offer. Thanks so much for opening your blog to introduce Sarah.

Michelle said...

Ooops, forgot to mention a favorite photo memory. It would have to be my grandmother's 80th birthday party last year. There's a very, very special shot of me giving her a hug after telling those at the party some of my best memories of my Mama G.

Leticia said...

My fave photo session memory is when my BFF took our photos in Ohio. It was our first out of studio session and she did an amazing job capturing my kiddos special needs smiles! I'd love to have the opportunity to work with Sarah this year too!

jocro3 said...

My favorite photo was taken this past fall after we finally hired a professional photographer and had family pics taken in an apple orchard. My favorite shot is a non-posed picture of my 3 kids holding hands, smiling, and running together. I know how difficult it is to capture them all smiling, but this picture also captured who they are as well.

I have heard wonderfuly things about Sarah, and would love the opportunity to work with her!

Gina Dean said...

Great post! My all time favorite photo was when I was born. It was a photo of my grandma holding me when I only a few days hold. She passed away last March. She was my hero, inspiration, and role model. She was there for me through any and everything. I cherish that photo like no other and keep it close to my heart. I miss her soo much but I know she's in a better place and I know she's watching over us.

Mickey said...

I am so excited that your dream has become a reality. It has been a bright spot to follow your journey. Your photos are beautiful and I wish you the best.

Anonymous said...

I think my favorite photo memory was when my daughter had her senior pictures taken. We had never had really professional pictures taken of our kids...mostly just the JC Penny's packages so it was fun to have my daughter highlighted and pampered. The photographs are so her, they captured her entire self...athlete, adventure seeker and beautiful woman. I would love to be able to experience that again.

Nancy said...

My favorite photo memory is from when Delainey was little, not even a week old. Jim took a picture of her while I was holding her on my legs. It is one of my all time favorite pictures.