Monday, February 20, 2012

WW: Week 2

No loss, no gain.  Held steady.

Can't decide if I'm disappointed or if I'm seeing where I need to make adjustments.

It wasn't a perfect week.  And I think my biggest mistakes made were Sunday- and being the day before weigh in wasn't a good thing, either.

I'd had a big old allergy attack on Sunday and took a pill that made me drowsy but I was home alone with the kids so I couldn't pass out and sleep it off and I think making myself stay awake through that proved to be a baaaaad thing for my eating choices in the evening.

Food wise, I'm really doing fine (except for last night).

I have to up my activity level.  My workouts at the gym during the week need to involve more sweat and more muscle exertion.  I have to find time for activity at least once over the weekend.

I tried to take the kids and dogs for a walk on Saturday.  It was chilly but the sun was shining and the kids had energy to burn and I needed to move.  Got to the corner and the kids were fighting and complaining and demanding and I couldn't take it so we went back home.  With Jeff out of town, finding time and energy to workout was difficult and I chose to make it impossible.

My focus for the 7 days ahead of me is to make my workouts a priority and to make my activity count more.  I'm going to weigh in again this coming Thursday as a check in.

I also want to share my favorite recipes from last week.

Breakfast cups (2 points per cup)

I know others have done this.  I didn't follow a recipe- just went with what sounded good.  I entered the recipe into the Recipe Builder on the Weight Watchers website and was delighted that each Breakfast Cup is just 2 points!

A dozen eggs
3 wedges of Laughing Cow (I used light creamy swiss but plan to try it with other flavors like the Fresco and Chipotle)
5 fully cooked turkey sausage links (Jimmy Dean's)

Get out a muffin tin and preheat the oven to 350.  Cooking spray in each cup of the muffin tin.  Crack an egg into each cup of the muffin tin.  Take the 3 wedges of Laughing Cow and cut into 12 chunks.  Add a chunk to each cup and push it into the egg.  Take the 5 sausage links, slice in half long ways and then slice into chunks.  I placed 6 chunks into each cup.  I baked for about 25 minutes and the yolks came out thoroughly cooked through (like a hard boiled egg).  Then I let them cool on the stove in the tin for a few minutes, then transferred to a plate to continue cooling, and then stored in ziploc bags in the fridge.

Asparagus Sauté Rollup (7 points for 1 rollup)

1 Flatout flatbread multigrain with flax
2 TB Classico Vodka sauce
Asparagus sauté mix from Trader Joe's (or just chop up some asparagus, mushrooms and red onion)
real cheese- I used Trader Joe's Parmesan-Asiago blend with the cheese in big pieces.
baby spinach leaves (fresh)

Lay the flatbread on a foil covered cookie sheeet.  Spread the 2-3 TB of sauce.  *A note on sauce- I considered using a few TB of Alfredo because the points would have been about the same.  However, I was already using the vodka sauce on the kids' pizzas so I stuck with it.  Cashier at Trader Joe's- who inspired this meal- also suggested using Trader Joe's yogurt-kale dip as a pizza sauce.*

Sauté the asparagus, onion and mushroom in about a teaspoon or so of olive oil.  Place your fave parts of the veggies on the flatbread (save the rest for another day).  Place a layer of baby spinach leaves (still raw) over the veggies.  Top with cheese.  Bake on 350 until cheese is melted.  I then transferred to a plate and discovered the weight of my veggies made it impossible to eat as a pizza so I rolled up the flatbread instead.  The melty cheese held it together.

Goals for this week:

1. Focus on WHY I choose to eat.  If I'm not hungry, why eat?  I stayed within my points on Saturday and I made healthy choices but I still know I ate myself to the point of being stuffed with each meal.

2. Make my workouts count.  Might be time to break out the Couch to 5K program again.  Even when it felt like a crappy run, I was still getting a great workout for the day.  I know a big part of my weight loss 2 years ago was because I started running.



Unknown said...

I don't need to diet but those egg cups actually sound really good...

Nancy said...

I have never done WW, but a coworker who has lost 100 pounds with it. Her biggest advice to everyone is to eat all of your points every day and don't eat your bonus points that you are given.

Hang in there--you can do this!

Lynn Freeman said...

The great thing about WW is that it's truly a way of life. If you're on it long enough you really teach yourself how to eat right and you actually get to a point where nothing else makes sense and where the cravings and desire to eat junk and crap practically go away. Even when I go off track, I never stray far from the core of the program. I can't remember the last time I had McDonald's or takeout just doesn't appeal to me anymore. Eating WW style makes me feel good - mentally sharp, full of energy and focus. And when you eat junk you see exactly how what we put into ourselves affects the physical and mental side of us. That is reason itself to stay on the program...that's all the convincing I need. Good going Liz...I think you're gonna love this way of life!

C. Beth said...

I know The Biggest Loser is controversial, but one thing I've learned from it.... Week 2 weight loss is generally really low because Week 1 was so high. So, good for you for maintaining!! You have a great plan in place, and you WILL see continued results! Still -8 and that's a great place to be.

Momza said...

Liz, I just wanted to say that you are one hardworking, conscientious, devoted Woman. And I admire you for all that you do. You're Good Enough just the way you are. period.

Unknown said...

ITA with C.Beth...also, "steady" is your 2012 word so it can't be bad :) Keep it up.

Claudya Martinez said...

I like your version of the breafast cups with everything in them. Might try some like that with scrambled eggs, spinach, cheese and sausage. My biggest set back is not having a meal plan and shoving whatever is around into my mouth.

Today, I made a really yummy orzo salad. I'll post the recipe next week.

Briana Carter said...

The Asapargus Saute is something I'm going to have to try!

I've gain over the past couple of years...but when I know when I was at my lowest it was because of all the running I was doing...even a slow run works better for me than a fast walk...

Garret said...

Mmmmm, the egg cups sound good!