Tuesday, October 23, 2012

5 Years Ago

We never planned to have 2 kids.  Jeff and I were both pretty set on Teagan being an only child.  We had a long list of reasons.

But there was another plan in place - one we weren't in control of - that brought us the gift of our son.

Teagan taught us love.  Zach taught us joy.

I don't remember a lot from the pregnancy.  I knew he was going to be a big baby.  And my OB didn't believe me.

I remember my water broke right at kick off for Monday Night Football - the Colts were playing.

I remember labor.  And the nightmare experience getting the epidural.  I remember labor being so much harder than it had been the first time around.  I was exhausted early on.

But then came this 9 lb 9 oz baby boy...

And we were smitten.

You were a sweet baby, an easy baby.  You just wanted to eat and sleep.  We wanted to love on you all the time but learned that you slept better when we didn't mess with you.

Today, my son is 5 year old.

He is learning to read.  He likes math.  He loves school.  His big sister is his best friend.  He is smart and funny and loving and creative.

Happy birthday to my sweet little baby big boy!



"The Queen of Free" said...

SO Sweet! Happy birthday to Zach and congratulations to you for keeping a little fella happy and healthy for FIVE years. That's something to celebrate!

Unknown said...

What a cutie! He was a chunky monkey! Adorable memories and photos. Happy Birthday, Zach!

Garret said...

Happy birthday Zach!