Thursday, October 4, 2012


You know how you suddenly realize that there is a strong theme running through your life in a short period of time?  Like you keep seeing the same things over and over?

I've got that going on right now and I think there is something that will come from it when all the pieces come together.

When I went to the Experience Conference, I had a definite sense that I had a definite reason for being there.   There wasn't some big "ah-ha" moment and I didn't come home with a new life mission.  But there is a lot I took from it that I am treasuring still.

In the past month since the Conference, there has been a lot of change for me in a lot of ways.  Not the Big Change kinds of things like losing a job, getting a new job, divorce, marriage, babies, moving, and all those other big changes your doctor has to ask you about at your annual physical.  But Big Changes where I see myself doing things I never imagined, saying things I never thought I'd say, and seeing things that are definitely moving me towards something.

When our group was impacted by the announcement of layoffs 2 months ago, I found a purpose for myself in my workplace.  I have a spiritual gift for working with people who are hurting so I had an opportunity to minster to my friends and co-workers through a difficult 6 weeks as the layoff deadline approached.

Since that time, I have found strength to take some actions and say some things in my work environment that I might not normally say or do.  And I'm getting positive feedback thus far.

That's all well and good and I note it simply because I'm guessing there is something to it that will play out into my bigger puzzle at some point down the road.

Then there are the common themes that have been popping up for me.

The first one is birth.  Specifically the birth of Jesus. I have had multiple and very direct God experiences about the birth of Christ.  All were at church or connected to my church.  And all were on the same night.

The second one is surrender.

And I'm not sure I can find the words for the rest of it - it's still forming.

Have you ever just known in your gut that things are forming and changing and about to happen?  That messages are repeating around you and you have to patiently wait for all the pieces to come together?



Amy said...

I've been in a similar spot. Definitely with the call to surrender. (I wrote about that recently.)

But I've also been feeling a call to slow down. What's funny is that I want to rush right through that to see what it all means in the end.

I wish you peace and grace as you see and absorb these signs.

C. Beth said...

That's exciting, Liz. Looking forward to hearing more of the journey....