Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Here's Your Chance - A Political Post

This is your chance.  Maybe the chance you've been waiting for...

I want you to convince me to vote for your candidate.

There are rules.

The tone must be positive.  Don't tell me why one guy is wrong - convince me of why your guy is right.

You can only mention the candidate you support.  No referencing the opponent.

You can't reply to anyone else's comment.  Just state your own position.

You must reference jello, pudding, or pie in your response.




Rebecca said...

Often I've made a Jello Pudding and thought of Bill Cosby. I always wonder who he would vote for. I mean anyone who would say, "Kids are like brain damaged adults" or something like that is not only funny but speaks the truth. Speaking of the truth. My truth is Obama. He was given such a 'crap'storm when he took the office. He has done a fine job with the measly slice of pie he was given. Obama has made a few small steps in the right direction. I love his proposed health care bill. Of course taxes for everyone will increase but the thing is EVERYONE will also enjoy the benefits of 'free' health care.

Once at a pizza pie establishment I spoke with a girl who is from Scotland. (Her child went to preschool with my son) She grew up in Scotland and only recently (roughly 5-8 years ago) moved to the United States. She gave birth to one of her children in Scotland and one here in the United States.

She told me the differences and similarities in health care for each country and from what she said I would LOVE to switch over to that type of system RIGHT NOW.

She admitted that the system in Scotland (which is similar to the Obama health plan) has its flaws but admitted that no matter what you're not going to make everyone happy and her point was the healthcare plan by Obama is BETTER than we have now.

I want to see more of what Obama can bring to my family and country.

Momza said...

first off, you are so clever LIz for coming up with this idea!
second, I am surprised a little that you're may be one of the "undecided" in this campaign. So YOU'RE the reason I'm still getting political calls?! lol
I sent in my ballot last week for Romney. He's a business man who knows how to make money, has shown that he knows how to turn government around, as well as rescuing a world wide organization in the Olympics. I trust that he will do what he says he will do for America. He values what I value, too: the sanctity of marriage and life. And truth be told here, I am NOT better off today than I was 4 years ago. An elected official works for the people and if he can't do what he's said he would, then time to replace him. That's why I voted for Mitt. Thanks, Liz!

Andrea V. said...

Here is why I will proudly and enthusiastically cast my vote once again for President Obama. First of all, the man is no quivering bowl of jello. He has had some very difficult decisions to make. I've read articles about how he made the decisions to go after Bin Laden and to intervene in Libya. He asks for input from his people and he isn't afraid to go against the recommendations of his advisors if he thinks it is the right thing to do. Healthcare reform is huge for me as well. It is no where near perfect, but we have taken some important steps in the right direction. LGBT rights...another huge piece of my support for him. I respect his evolution on gay marriage. I understand it because it mirrors my own in some ways. More respect for how he used his political capital to do away with DADT. Fair pay and women's rights...again, these are very important issues for me. I have been a feminist for a long time, my whole life, really. It has disturbed me to see women express the opinion that the battles have been fought and we don't need feminism anymore. President Obama understands that there remain inequities that need to be addressed. And finally, on a kind of personal note, I absolutely love to see how Barack and Michelle Obama interact. I have never seen a president and first lady demonstrate such affection in public. I love the physical closeness they show, it speaks to me of a very healthy relationship. It is a beautiful thing to watch. You can tell they have a lot of respect for each other.

Alison said...

Well, figuring out where my vote went is easy as pie! I already supported Obama for his centrist approach. He doesn't want to cut government support for the disadvantaged, but he's actually continued some business-friendly policies from the Bush era--even cutting back more safety regulations than the previous President. Obamacare gives me hope that my aging father won't be trapped two states away from me due to his pre-existing condition. And I cannot walk away from the only President who has unequivocally come out for gay equality. Maybe it was politically timed and motivated, but at least he is willing to change when change is called for, and I believe he considers things, rather than sticking firmly to old, outdated principles.