Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What Grown Ups Do

I have shared with you that we are planning our first family trip to Disney World.

We have told the kids we are going - it isn't going to be a surprise.  We have explained that in order to go to Disney, we have to cut back in some other areas - like spending less on Christmas.

We are working with our travel agent (Katie at Hi Ho Vacations) to plan the trip but also to get it paid off before we go on the trip.  I won't be able to have nearly as much fun if I'm in debt while on vacation!  Because we are working with Hi Ho Vacations, we can make regular payments towards our trip.

I made the first payment which officially booked our trip.  And I told the kids about it.

I think they understand.  This week at school, Zach's class is learning about the letter G - and about growing up.  They did an activity were they finished a sentence and drew a picture to go with it.  The sentence started with "Grown ups _______."

Here is Zach's work:

"Grown ups make payments!"

He showed it to us and was excited to explain that this is all about making payments to go to Disney.

Love that kid!



Katherine said...

That is darling! Awesome about the trip. I think when my kids get a little bit older (and hopefully my schedule gets a little bit more flexible) we will just do trips for Christmas instead of gifts.

Garret said...

That's so awesome Liz. Probably a future baker or maybe a loan shark! Watch those knee caps!

Garret said...


Rebecca said...

Very cute!! How exciting!!!