Monday, November 12, 2012

Arby's vs Subway - Define Fresh

Last year, I wrote about a simple taste test that Christy and I did that compared the chicken salad at Arby's to the chicken salad at Subway.

We weren't all that impressed with either sandwich.  But we learned a lesson in the healthiness of the offerings that we really hadn't expected.

Now, Arby's has started a "freshness" war with Subway.  Maybe you've seen the ads?

I didn't realize that "fresh" was determined by where the meat is sliced.

Silly me - my assumption has been that the "fresh" at Subway was about things like tomatoes, spinach, lettuce, cucumbers, green peppers, red onions.

But apparently, fresh means "I sliced my highly processed meat substance with a meat slicing machine in the back room."

Every time I see one of the Arby's ads, I get pretty agitated.

You want a fresh sandwich from a fast food place?  Go to Subway and get a Veggie sandwich.  Subway has plenty of not healthy options.  But at least you can make healthier choices at Subway.

The only thing you'll find fresh at Arby's is lettuce, tomato... and, apparently, attiutude.



Momza said...

Liz, you just shared what I've been thinking--I don't care where the cold, processed meat is "SLICED". And I haven't been a fan of Arby's since 1983...when I barfed up a regular sandwich right after eating there. lol Someone in their marketing dept. should've thought twice about their current advertising bc it makes no sense. Who cares where the meat is sliced?

Karen M. Peterson said...

Yeah, Arby's has been on my list for awhile now. I like some of their food, but I don't eat there BECAUSE of some of their marketing.