Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I've been getting more and more separated from blogging.  Which I don't like but days will go by and I suddenly remember that I haven't posted anything.  I have some Big Topics floating around in my head but haven't gotten them into usable, written form yet.

So here is where things are...

Work.  Work is immensely better.  I am busy all day but having a specific job to do makes work more purposeful again.  I still really like my new boss - she does things like calling just to let  me know I handled something well or sending an email out to higher managers just to toot my horn.  I got to work from home one day last week - it's great to have that option and good to know I can make it work.  And also good to know that I generally prefer to be in the office.

Jeff.  Jeff's great.  I can't speak for him, of course.  But we're doing fantastic!  I love the guy, what can I say?

Zach.  Zach is still my sweet, loving boy.  He's growing - literally and figuratively.  I sometimes feel bad because so much attention is demanded by his big sister that it's easy for him to be swept to the side, off the radar.  I'm also much more disconnected from his school - Jeff is the primary contact since he takes him and picks him up.  We have decisions to make about his schooling very soon - he will be going to the public school that Teagan currently attends.  He has been in a kindergarten class this past year in a private setting.  We need to consult with his teacher and the head of the school to see if they think he needs to repeat kindergarten or if we should pursue having him tested to go into first grade.  I don't know how he will do if kindergarten ends up being a lot of repeat for him.  But I also don't want to push him into being in a grade too advanced for him socially.

Teagan.  She's my challenge.  I try my best to love that about her but challenges are called challenges for a reason.  She pushes limits, she holds things in, she has anxiety, she wants to be perfect.  The past week or so has had a daily onset of crying, not wanting to go to school, feeling like she's "less than" other kids.  She's got high highs and low lows and some perfectly average times, too.  We've got things in place to address - looking to meet with her teacher, trying some herbal things.  But she's smart, she's bright, she's funny, she's a spark!

Healthy Living.  It's an ongoing, every day thing, right?  Some days I do great, some days I really struggle.  Still having a lot of difficulty finding time to actually exercise.  But I want to be more active so that's something, right?

Hopefully I will be able to sit down and start getting some of the things tumbling about in my head out into written words.  Feel free to leave me blog post ideas!  Heck - just leave a comment to say hello!



Karen M. Peterson said...

No, you're not a slacker. You're just living life. Which sounds like it's been pretty busy. But I'm glad things have been getting better for you and I hope they keep looking up.

Katherine said...

We contemplated having our middle child repeat kindergarten, but ended up not doing it. I still wonder if that was the right decision.

Garret said...

I've been disconnected from blogging too. :-(