Monday, June 25, 2012

Flashback: Aerobics!

I happened upon a video on YouTube and got hooked on watching a whole series of them.  Since they were so completely entertaining to me, I simply had to share them with you!  The really wacky thing is, they're kinda motivational, too.

I think this one was the inspiration for the term "cougar" based on the woman in the white leotard in the opening...

Then add 10 years and check out the competition in 1996! This time it's one act from the global competition- these guys are amazing!

This makes me long for those Saturday afternoons of nothing on TV but random sports.  The Association of National Aerobic Championships still exists and still holds competitions.  And it looks like the next USA Showcase is in Vegas next month!  Looks like the championship is now International.

Hey! Aerobics can even be a praise thing! Check it out!

I'm thinking back to high school when I started working out- back when it was easy.  Jane Fonda, Tae Bo, Callanetics, even Paula Abdul's video!

What are your favorite memories of exercise?  Do you remember when you were first introduced to the idea of intentional fitness?


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Nancy said...

Favorite memories of exercise, really Liz, now you are just talking silly!