Thursday, March 28, 2013

Parenting by Pinterest

I pinned this the other day.

I read it, thought it was really interesting and pinned it.

The other night, Teagan did something unfair to Zach that hurt his feelings.  She shut a door in his face.  He started to cry.  I called both kids to the hallway and explained a new family rule.

If Mom or Dad catches you doing something that hurts your sibling, you will have to do something kind to make up for it.  You have to do something kind to help mend the relationship since you just caused harm.

I told Teagan - you just hurt your brother's feelings by shutting that door in his face.  You need to do something kind to show him that you love him.

I was about to go on and give her the thing to do - I was going to have her give him a piece of candy.

Before I could say a word, she agreed with me and went into Zach's room.

She made his bed.

This is now a permanent rule.

Restitution Consequences.

Try it.  Let me know how it goes!



Unknown said...

Nice! One of our adult male friends grew up with 3 sisters. His mom says there was constant bickering between any/all of the 4. One day she decided when they were getting to the teen years she decided any time they started bickering or being unkind to one another she'd make them go outside, walk to the corner (fairly well traffic'ed intersection) and "hug it out". The time period of the "hug it out" depended on the severity of the unkindness. Ha ha! He said they all HATED it, so they always thought twice before opening their mouth! Good luck! I may try this at can't hurt! Make a bad choice, do a deed. Seems reasonable!

Garret said...

The candy thing may be a wrong choice strengthening junk food as dog treats. Not that I'm a parent...