Friday, February 28, 2014

Clothes and Shoes

I have a good amount of workout clothing from the last time I went through this healthy living thing.

Some of it fits.  Some of it doesn't.

One way that I get motivated to exercise is to have clothing and gear that gets me excited about running, dancing, sweating, working out.

Which means that it's time to clear out the old and bring in the new!

Priority one is going to be getting new running shoes.  Part of me wants to be hardcore and go with the minimalist thing again.  But more of me thinks that since I will be walking more than running for a while, I'd better stick with more traditional shoes for the time being.

I have several pairs of sneakers but none of them are in good enough shape to be running shoes right now.  I've checked the tread on each and they are practically treadless.  Out with the old.  I've got to donate these shoes somewhere and get fitted with new shoes.  Mizuno was my go-to brand before and we will see what we come up with this time around.

I find it strangely motivating to have an assortment of fun sports bras - I like having different colors to go with whatever color shirt I'm wearing.

Thankfully, it seems most of my capris fit just fine and are in good shape.

It's time to get myself feeling like a runner... looking like a runner... acting like a runner.  Like an active and motivated person.

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