Saturday, February 22, 2014

Menu - Week 3, Er, Well, 2.

My menu last week got completely derailed by my illness.  I had... some sort of virus.  I hesitate to call it the flu.  I had a fever.  And it took days to get rid of it.

Anyway.  Being sick meant I was not cooking.  Jeff and the kids had to fend for themselves.  Even if I was awake and realized it was dinner time, I had zero appetite.

But now I'm all better and took a stab at planning a menu today, making my list, and doing the shopping.

Meatball Monday!  We're having Game Day Meatballs, salad, apples, broccoli, and dinner rolls.

Asian Night.  This one isn't really cooking but it is dinner at home.  Chicken fried rice from Trader Joe's, eggrolls, shumai (also from Trader Joe's), edamame, pineapple.

Wednesday is always a break in the schedule because we go to church for the evening.  No cooking, no doing dishes.

Homemade Pizza Night.  We buy naan at Target in the bakery section - it makes for a perfect single serving.  Kids will have regular sauce, cheese, and bacon or pepperoni (or just plain cheese).  Jeff will have the same.  I'll have garlic alfredo sauce, spinach and mushrooms.  And we will serve with salad and grapes.

Breakfast for Dinner!  Jeff is out Friday evening so the kids and I chose a dinner that is not his favorite - breakfast!!  Eggs to order, toast, bacon, waffles, fruit.

Gotta say - it feels good to be sitting down on Saturday night already knowing the plan for next week, knowing we won't be stressed about choosing dinner, and that we already have the shopping done.

And my friend and reader Lori will be proud to know that I totally make my list and then arrange it in order of grocery store sections!!

Anything fun on your menu for next week?

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Unknown said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so proud! Keep up the good work. I did my menu and list tonight. I will shop tomorrow and the bring on the week!

Katherine said...

Awesome work! Dinner is always exhausting (cooking, dishes, etc) but having a plan takes some of that stress away.