Monday, February 24, 2014


I've said it before and I am saying it again.  Even though I've said it a bunch of other times.

Time to get serious about some healthy living choices!

Here's what has transpired to get me to a point (again) where I not only need to focus on my weight but want to focus on my acitivity.

1. We have this healthy living initiative at work.  By participating, you get this discount on your health insurance next year.  I took the assessment and I am healthy - except for my weight.  But the amount of weight I need to lose doesn't feel as overwhelming as I thought it would.  So I suddenly felt like... this is something I really can do.

2. Teagan wants to run.  As soon as the weather gets better, my girl wants to run.  Outside.  3x per week.  With me. Which we actually did on Saturday - taking full advantage of 50+ degree temperatures.

3. I get a health coach as part of that healthy living initiative.  And he called me.  And we talked about having goals.  And if I'm going to accomplish the longer term goal of running a 5K in June with Teagan, I need to start getting in shape now and need a solid plan of when to start officially training for a 5K.  And the coach guy will be calling me back in 2 weeks to see if I'm meeting my goals.  Which means I'd better step on it.

4. I've been sick this week and my appetite has been tiny.  And I've lost a few pounds.  I know I won't necessarily keep them off.  But when I stepped on the scale Friday morning, I'd gotten below a milestone and I'd like to keep working in that direction.

Goal #1  Get to the gym 3x per week.  At the gym, either do 30 minutes on the treadmill/elliptical/bike or participate in a group exercise class.

Goal #2 Start Couch to 5K no later than Saturday, April 5.  That would give us 12 weeks of training time.

Goal #3  Run the Fishers Freedom Festival 5K with my daughter.  We welcome anyone to join us!

So if I make the time now to get into the habit of exercising 3x per week and can set it so that time is after work/school... it will be that much easier to incorporate that time from the gym to a running schedule.

I'd love your tips for staying motivated... and any apps you use to keep track of workouts or running apps or whatever... start sharing the healthy love!!

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Karen M. Peterson said...

I think it's awesome Teagan wants to run with you. What a great little motivator you've got!