Saturday, September 27, 2008

Back to the Corners

Naptime for baby and Dance Class for preschooler so we are back to the Debate!! They are still talking about the economy. Lehrer asked a good question- what are you willing to cut from your current plans if this $700 billion bailout goes through? The answers started in the last post- where they both seemed to just prioritize their plans. No one really directly answers what will get cut. Obama did say that, for example, alternate energy is a large idea and there would be pieces of it that would have to be reviewed and cut. McCain is talking about fighting excessive spending. I agree with the idea. And I do like Obama calling him out on being connected to Bush and McCain voting FOR Bush's budgets. That is a VERY important point. You want to cut spending but you've been approving the budgets of the spendiest president in history. McCain points to his long record of being a maverick. And bringing up his maverick partner (and then he blinked really weirdly a few times). Huh. Lemme pause the DVR. On this topic of government spending. I think our government spends oodles and oodles of money they don't have. I think that there are definite areas where spending can be cut dramatically. I have no clue what those areas are since I've never reviewed the federal budget. But I still firmly believe that I will forever be taxed. And that my tax dollars will continue to fund these federal budgets. The important thing, to me, is who is making decisions about where the money goes. Until there is radical change (like, say, The Fair Tax), I will always have part of my income taken from me and spent in ways that I didn't directly approve. My state representative certainly hasn't called to ask if it's ok to spend my money on war. So the money is always going to be taken from me. MY preference is that my money be used to help people who need it. Social programs. Building infrastructure. Improving education. Making higher education more attainable. Job opportunities. Back to the debate. "We did not use our military wisely in Iraq." I AGREE. I also agree with McCain. He said that the next President will have to decide how we leave and when we leave. However, this is the same guy who says he can see us in Iraq for the next 100 years? I doubt his Presidency, if it ever happens, would last that long. Might feel like it. YES! The surge was a TACTIC to fix the previous mess. I soooo agree. Anyone else notice that Obama is willing to talk directly to McCain and looks at him but McCain doesn't seem to ever look at Bush or talk directly to him? Tactic vs Strategy. Tactic, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is a device for accomplishing an end. Strategy, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is the art of devising or employing plans towards a goal. Huh. McCain seems to think there is a huge difference between these 2 things. I have to admit to being a little tired of rehashing the past. Mistakes were made with the Iraq War. We shouldn't have gone in for the reasons we were led to believe. I think it is important to recognize that mistakes were made and to admit that we have to fix it and get out. I would have a lot more respect for McCain if he would admit mistakes were made instead of only trying to look forward. Afghanistan. All I have to say is- I loved the pointed look at McCain when Obama said "strategic." Anyone else catch it?? Alright. Enough politics for my blog for now. One of these entries may actually introduce my readers (of which I currently have 3, I think) to me and my family and my life!

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