Saturday, June 26, 2010


I ran 2 miles. I walked and ran the last mile. I learned a lot, I felt awesome afterwards and was surprised at how strong I felt during. It was a great morning and I am so happy to have shared this accomplishment with some great friends.

First- Christy. She's been training by my side all along. She's made vast improvements- well ahead of mine. She's encouraged me and heard me complain and watched me struggle and celebrated my triumphs. All the while, she's been pushing to reach her own goals. Today, she ran her first 5K in 43 minutes and 59 seconds. She ran the entire course- no walk breaks for her! I don't have a pic... her preference, not mine!

Second- my little running church family! This is Amanda, Ashli, me, and Ginger. These women have been encouraging me along the way and all are better athletes than I am and did great in the race. I was thrilled to be with them when the race started and emotional to have them waiting for me, cheering, at the finish line.

My cheering section... Jeff brought the kids to a corner of the route that isn't far from home. It perked me up to see them!! It was so important to me to have my family there, cheering me on, supporting me.

And after the race... recovery well under way... walking home... tired, proud, feeling accomplished and sweaty and hot.

My finishing time was 46 minutes and 26 seconds. My pace was right around 15 minutes per mile. I ran 2 solid miles before taking a walk break and I don't regret that walk recovery time in the slightest. I did what my body told me it could do the entire route. I knew when I could push and go harder. I knew when I needed to slow down and recover. I knew when I could pick up the pace and jog a bit again.

Surprisingly, I kept up with Christy for those first 2 miles. Typically, we run together for about the first mile and then I slow down or walk and she starts to push and pulls away from me.

Things I remember:
- Not long after passing my family, there was an older woman dressed all in purple who stood on a corner and smiled and clapped for everyone as they went by.
- The guy who had turned on his full lawn sprinkler system and invited runners and walkers to run down his sidewalk to cool off.
- The cheering of the volunteers at the midway water station.
- The guy with the horse puppet who cheered us on about 1/2 mile from the finish line.
- The dad sitting in his driveway with his 2 young boys on his lap, watching runners go by as they lounged in their pj's.
- The local high school pep band that was playing at the start and finish of the race. Loved hearing the drums and horns as I approached the finish line!

The lessons I learned:
- I'm good at starting at my normal pace. I didn't take off and go faster at the start. I started slow and stayed slow and steady.
- I need to work on my last mile so that I can run the entire 3.1 next time. I stayed pretty strong and steady the first 2 miles and then my body just stopped.
- A half mile walk to the park where the race starts is a great warm up.
- A half mile walk back home after walking 1/2 mile and then running 3.1 miles kinda sucks.
- Running and being emotional aren't a good mix.

I got to the last turn and the finish line was ahead. Maybe 1/10 of a mile. I had walked to almost the corner and realized that I was about to turn on the last street. I gave a grunt and kicked it into high gear. I was about half way to the finish line when I saw Jeff and the kids. I heard Teagan yelling for me "Mommy! Mama!!" Something about them being there, so close to the finish line... I started to cry but needed to keep running. Problem is, when I cry, my throat closes up. This makes it remarkably hard to breathe. So I pulled it back together and started to run again.

Then I see Christy. She had finished and was coming back down the route to be with me as I finished. I had to fight the tears all over again. We gave each other a thumbs up and a smile and I tucked the emotional breakdown into my pocket until...

The finish line was in sight- just feet ahead of me. And my friends- Amanda, Ashli, and Ginger- started to cheer for me. Loudly. Screaming my name, yelling for me to get to that finish line. I choked up all over again and kept pushing and pushing even though the air was not going into my lungs.

I crossed the finish line and started to walk, wheezing and wheezing. Miss Tori- one of Teagan's teachers- came up to me and hugged me (she's a runner and did great in this 5K). I choked out that I couldn't breathe and she handed me a water bottle. That sip of water reminded me that I could breath through my nose. Duh. I was fine after that.

I had Christy by my side, Ashli and Amanda and Ginger came to hug me... my husband and kids came to celebrate my accomplishment. I felt... sore and tired and sweaty and so, so proud. While I ran, I though about Momza and the comment she shared here this week... and about Nancy who sent me a note to cheer me on... and Beth who has given me amazing support and encouragement and advice... and Emily who has been doing her own challenges in running and has also guided me and inspired me... and all of the internet and real life friends I've made who have supported me, encouraged me... who have said that I inspire them... you all became my inspiration to be able to come back to this blog and say that I did my very best and that I was proud of what I had accomplished.

Tomorrow... I'll share the story of Teagan's reaction to all of this. Let's just say that I won't be winning any Mom of the Year awards if nominations are left up to strangers and neighbors who witness the behavior of your child.


C. Beth said...

Your post actually made me get tears in my eyes! :) I also can understand the emotions that can come while you're running. And the extra energy burst from seeing your family cheer you on.

I was thinking of you as I was running this morning. I am SO glad it was a wonderful experience!

Lori said...

Just wait til Teagan can run with you... When mags and I ran that 5k together and she took off ahead of me to cross the finish line, I literally thought my heart would explode I was so proud. And then I heard two sweet little voices yelling "run ms. Lori run!!" and it was Anna & addy from LEP...that's when the waterworks started for me. Three words for you today...WAY TO GO!!!

Momza said...

So so happy for your victory!!
Sending millions of hugs thru the Universe your way!!

noexcuses said...

Woo hoo! Yay for Liz!!! Congrats lady! Every time you talked about crying, I started crying! I'm so happy for you! I want to say I'm proud of you, but don't want to sound like your mother! I admire you tremendously!

Barnmaven said...

I'm a bit verklempt after reading this - so much emotion. I'm so very proud of what you've accomplished Liz. You have come so far, and met your challenges with optimism and faith. Congratulations on finishing your 5K today, for working through your injury and respecting your body's needs. You are AWESOME!

Katherine said...

Congratulations! You have accomplished so much, and you've made everyone so proud!

And yeah, having to walk home after a 5K sounds like no fun at all.

Nancy said...

I am so happy for you Liz. I am crying reading about your morning! You were in my thoughts all morning.
Hugs to you!

Jason, as himself said...

You rock! I love your sense of get up and go. I love your determination. I love your good heart. And I love that you have surrounded yourself with such great support.

Amy said...

You earned it. Absolutely. Congratulations! What are your plans for celebration?

Emily said...

I saw this earlier- but I wasn't where I could actually comment. I've been thinking about you all day- you did so wonderful! And the JOY- the JOY!! in your face of the 3rd picture. That makes all the training worth it, doesn't it? Ever since my race in Utah last week- I look over and over at the pictures- you'll never forget your first race and how it made you feel!So incredibly happy and proud of and for you!

Anonymous said...

I am SO, SO, proud of you. - Lindsey :)

Melisa Wells said...

This was thrilling for me to read! I'm so proud of your accomplishment, and so happy for you!!!

I'm going to read this again right before my 5K in August. You are so inspiring to me!

Eternal Lizdom said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I so appreciate all of your kind words and tha tyou really understand how I was feeling!!

Celebrate? There was ONE thing I wanted... this is naughty but I soooo deserved it... Bob Evans biscuits and gravy!! I was starving after the race so we came home, I showered (after the Teagan situation), and we headed out for a brunch time feast!! Funny... I used to be able to chow down on the entire biscuits and gravy breakfast. I ate one biscuit and then shared the other with the kids.

I'm keeping my eye on some running pants at Target, too. I bought a pair for Christy for her birthday and I want a pair! I can justify paying full price for my bt friend's birthday but not for myself... LOL!

Mandi said...

SO proud!!!! Congratulations :)

Alison said...

I'm just so happy your knee didn't bother you, and that you felt great afterwards--that's all I needed to know!

So, maybe if you get emotional next time, you'll already remember to breathe through your nose. lol

Eternal Lizdom said...

Flartus- I really, really, really hope so!!!!! I would have cracked up laughing if I wasn't so exhuasted. I took that bottle of water, held it to my lips, my arm shaking a bit from adrenaline and exhaustion, and took a breath through my nose as I took my sip. And it just smacked me in the face- DUH! Breathe through your nose ding dong!!!

CH_BeBestMe said...

Ok, I've got tears in my eyes. You totally rocked, Liz. Congrats. I'm proud of you!

Garret said...

Yay! Good deal Liz! Congrats. Oh and in case you were wondering, your boobs look the best in the photo. I knew that had crossed your mind at the time.

Seth M. Ward said...

Congrats on the 3k:D Keep on keeping on. I am sure it will get easier.

Anonymous said...

YAY!! Congrats!!!

Now, can you write more about the horse puppet guy! What a great idea to get people to laugh and smile while running!

Unknown said...

Wow. Wow! So many congrats on your first 5K, Liz :) Your recollection had me all teary as well. I was emotional as well when I reached the top of that mountain on Saturday. Not sure what came over me and why, but I'm starting to think that starting, following through and finishing is very big for some people.

A great, very INSPIRING read!

Sugar Bear said...

I'm an emotional runner as well...I could totally feel you in your words, your excitement, your sense of accomplishment and your pride.

Way to go!!

I agree that the walk back does totally kinda suck.

michelle said...

Jeez louise Liz, you look AWESOME! So healthy and strong. And happy and proud.


Mrs4444 said...

Typing through tears, Liz. This is awesome! Congratulations~~

Kristin - The Goat said...

I tend to tear up when I read someone's proud moment, but I've got a gusher of tears right now from your post! Maybe it's because of all of the gratitude you expressed, maybe it's just that I'm just so proud of you, maybe it's because you were so honest. Congrats!!

Kristin - The Goat
by way of Saturday Samplings

Beth Zimmerman said...

Congratulations, Liz! You're awesome!