Monday, September 29, 2008

You Never Have To Say It

We are sitting in the living room, watching TV. We hear a quiet noise in the hallway and look up to see Teagan. She woke up, quietly came out to the living room because she needed to potty. My big girl. After the potty trip, I carried her back to bed. I got her snuggled back in and offered to stay with her for a minute. She nodded. I stroked her hair and quietly told her "I love you." She opened her eyes and glanced at me. I could see that she wanted to say it but hesitated. She wanted to go to sleep. And I wanted to tell her... You never have to say it to me. In our lives together, you never have to tell me that you love me. There will be days that you love me and I will love you. Days that you hate me and I will love you. Days you like me and I will love you. Days you need me and I will love you. Days you are embarassed by me and I will love you. You don't need to say that you love me. Because I will always love you. My love is broad enough, deep enough, thorough enough, lasting enough... that it will cover the ebb and flow, the forgotten moments, the selfishness, the drama and trauma, the highs and lows. Perhaps that is one of the many gifts of motherhood. Perhaps it is a deepening of this new level of love. But no matter what it is... I don't need you to say it. I know it. And I've got it covered.

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