Saturday, March 7, 2009


Any Skypers out there? Jeff just set us all up. He's out of town until tonight and wanted to see the kids this morning so he hooked it up. It's pretty awesome!! Teagan thought it was really neat to see Daddy and Uncle Briney (Brian) even though they are not near home right now. Cutest moment was when she blew him kisses and threw a big hug- and he caught them. Zach got in on it, too. Kept touching Daddy's nose on the screen. Or Jeff would reach his finger towards the camera and Zach would touch fingers with Daddy. I can totally see why people who Skype love it so much!


skywind said...

Hehe ... This is the charm of the network. Is also the charm of the software. :)
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Boozy Tooth said...

ooooooouuu. I wanna skype! I wanna Skype. I guess I need a camera first, though, huh?

You are so in the know about cool stuff, Liz. You got me excited about Wii Fit, I got one, and I love it. What will be next I wonder......??

Strange Mamma said...

We just move to the UK and we totally love our Skype. It's the only way Asher can keep in touch with his grandparents and it's fun for us to keep in touch with friends as well.

yodaobi said...

We've been skyping for a couple of years now and love it. I keep in touch with Aussiehen (my best mate in Sydney)and when James's dad is working overseas (He’s now in Yemen) we skype him as a family on Wednesday nights. Liam loves singing to Pop-pop. Sometimes he gets confused and tries to show the microphone things. Reminds me of when he was smaller chatting with my dad on the phone and he accidentally drops the phone. Immediately picks it up and says "ARE YOU OK GRANDAD?" so cute. Hope Wee Zach’s feeling better.

Anonymous said...

I skype to talk to my niece in northern Ontario and I love it!!! We will have to skype one day - how cool would that be?!