Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tips for Helping a Loved One During Illness

Put on your cape and pretend like you are a superhero. That about covers it. Still not clear? Keep the kids happy. Fighting makes Mommy feel guilty for being locked in the bathroom. Straighten up toys. Tripping over the toys once Mommy can emerge from the back of the house- not good. Seeing the mess and feeling the urge to immediately pick them up- not good. Do dishes. Smelly, dirty dishes in the sink is not good for a Mommy who has spent 12 hours having nothing but nastiness coming out of her orifices. Do laundry. When sickness takes over a household, everything has to be washed. Period. Tend to your spouse. Just check in from time to time. Offer to bring a drink, make soup. Don't make them ask. Try to spoil your spouse a little- so they feel loved and taken care of. OK. Forget the superhero cape. Just pretend you're MOM for about 24 hours and all should be fine.


mimbles said...

Oh! I've got another one - you know that saying "let sleeping dogs lie"? It applies to sick mothers too. Check in from time to time definitely, but if she's asleep when you do so then it's perfectly OK to go away again without waking her.

(No, I have no deep resentment over being woken every 5 minutes when trying to sleep while ill. Why do you ask?)

Cajoh said...

Do hope your feeling better soon. I usually agree that feeling good emotionally helps when you are physically sick.

Mary Ellen said...

Even when you are sick, you're funny. I think this post should be required reading for all daddies.

Hope you feel better soon!