Saturday, March 7, 2009

Update- Our Saturday

First off, I need to explain Friday. It wasn't a good day to start with. I don't even remember all of it. But the highlights were when I forgot to make sure the bathroom faucet was over the sink and ended up with water running all over the counter and floor. Rushing out the door and realizing I forgot to grab clean gym clothes- rush back inside and can't find clean underwear anywhere. And then getting to work and trying to turn on my PC by pushing the logo button instead of the power button. Going to lunch at a special place that is reserved for bad days or celebrations and is normally REALLY good Thai food... and it was hugely disappointing.
It was just an off day.
Jeff is getting ready to leave and calls to tell me that there is a "weird smell" in the house by the front door and he couldn't figure out what it was.
So I'm facing the weekend without him and also have to deal with the mystery smell. Great.
So Christy took me up on my invite to help me sniff out the odor. We couldn't find a source for it (it does seem to be gone completely this evening).
But she is an absolute godsend. Seriously. Talk about a best friend...
Zach made some upset noises around 8:15 and, being the doting mommy that I am, I went to check on him. Thank heavens for instinct. That's when I found the pools of vomit in his crib. Pick him up and get it all over me as it is in his hair, on his pj's, on his hands, his face. I let Christy know what is going on and head to the bathroom with him. Next thing I know... she's stripped the crib. Unreal. I can barely handle my own kid's vomit and she's jumping right in and dealing with the task I was most gearing myself up to confront. She got Teagan back to bed for me, too. Then stuck around until 10, and about 3 more bouts of Zach vomit (this time camped out in the living room and caught in a basin). Once she felt we were going to be ok for the night, she headed home. After offering to stay if I thought I needed her. That about made me cry.
Then she came this morning and took Teagan to dance class and then to the library. Even though she had places she needed to be.
Jeff, my kids, and I owe her. Majorly. She is the kind of friend that is hard to come by and that you hold on to because she is more than worth it.
A good friend holds your hair when you vomit. A great friend helps clean up your vomit. A best friend helps clean up your kids' vomit.
So by the time they get home and Christy leaves again (and even offers to drop off the due-today tuition to finish off the year for dance class), I start making lunch for T. Zach has kept down water and about half a container of applesauce, slept most of the time Teagan was gone, and seems to be doing much better. The kids play outside while I make mac-n-cheese with tuna for me and Teagan (plain pasta for Zach). Until he started stealing Teagan's lunch. Apparently, he was feeling better! And it stayed down! 2 nasty diapers later... he seems a-ok.
He takes a great afternoon nap and Teagan and I just hang out, watch a movie (Horton Hears A Who- which made me cry). When Zach wakes up, we go for a walk. He's in the stroller, T's on her trike, even Sassy joined in the fun. Sat out front, visited with a neighbor, played. Came inside... Teagan's burning up. Check her temp- 100.7.
Insert big sigh...
So I give her some Tylenol and she crashes out on the couch.
She sleeps almost 2 hours, skips dinner. Zach ate some chicken and carrots from my chicken pot pie. Evening is going well.
When she wakes, the meds are doing well and she's feeling normal.
We Skype goodnight with Daddy. Zach goes right to bed- and I'm optimistic that the vomit is behind us. T stayed up a bit longer, had some jello (that will be pretty if she wakes up vomiting tonight, eh?), watched some calming PBS Sprout night shows... and went to bed and sleep without issue. And the fever was creeping back so... more tylenol.
And now I'm sitting. In the midst of all that, I did laundry and dishes, too. Even got a shower. It's all a blur.
I appreciate the well wishes and warm thoughts today!! Jeff is on his way home. Hopefully we get everyone healthy by morning and can enjoy our weekend a little tomorrow!!


Alison said...

You are seriously earning your Mom title today! Glad to know Zach's so much better. He never had a temp, did he? So Teagan's got something completely different?

If it ain't one thing...just make sure you stay healthy, or else where would everyone else be??

yodaobi said...

Oh poor exhausted you.
***Rubs feet***

Hope you don't wake to a pretty pile of puke tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Great job mom - you juggled a bucketful of balls today and came out on top - and sane!

Hope you have a wonderful tomorrow to make up for the past 2!

Joanie said...

What a weekend!!! Your friend, Christy is a gem!!! Hope everyone is well!

The Courteous Chihuahua said...

Christy should be dipped in chocolate and nominated for sainthood. Hope you recuperate quickly.