Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's All Just Too Much: A Moment of Enlightenment

Bear with me as I make my way through a jumble of messiness. First order of business. The faux-fish have been named! I kept playing around with the suggestions but one fit so perfectly and I just kept coming back to it. So thank you JACKIE for naming my magnetic friends- Bert and Ernie!! The blue and yellow one is Bert, the red and orange one is Ernie. Second order of business. I want to give you people GIFTS. So far, Mim is in for our international spot. And our domestic participants are Alix, Isabella, and maybe Amy... so if you want something from me... better click over to that post and sign up. 1 North American opportunity is still there... maybe 2 (Amy- you out there?). To be honest, if you don't really want to do the same deal on your blog, it's fine with me. Maybe you don't have a blog. But if you are one of my loyal readers... I'd sure like a chance to reach out to you! Third order of business. Sometimes work is majorly stressful and SUCKS. And other people are stressed and making BAD choices and it is causing ME stress and I am SO OVER IT! Fourth order of business. Busy-ness can be a good thing. But in small amounts. My Teagan is showing signs that we've pushed too hard, too fast. Too much going on. Between turning 4, joining choir, singing in church with the choir, going to Sleeping Beauty's Ball at the Children's Museum, hearing about us visiting schools, going to visit a school, having friends in from out of town and doing dance class, museum, swimming, eating out, friends over to play, riding a bike... it's TOO MUCH. Turning 4 isn't a magical switch that changes everything. So we are slowing waaaaaaay down and getting back to basics, back to being at home, back to just having fun and chilling out. Gotta cut back on all the running around. So no choir this week. And it's an off week next week because of Holy Week. There will still be some weekend excitement- Jeff is out of town this weekend, the next weekend is Easter. But we are going to focus on staying home. And will add choir back in, hopefully, after Easter. Once our evenings have quieted again. And we are back to smooth bedtimes, good choices, eased off on the whining... and back to feelin' groovy!
Slow down
You move to fast
You've got to make
The morning last
Kickin' down
the cobblestones
Lookin' for fun and
Feeling' groovy!


Mary Ellen said...

Slowing down, taking time to just BE is a great way to get back your groovy feeling!

Now I've got that song stuck in my head.

Cajoh said...

Well put. So often we feel overwhelmed and never know how to slow down. Good luck with your final push.

Boozy Tooth said...

Liz, you're wise to slow back down a little. We were always of the opinion that the more you entertain your children the harder it is for them to entertain themselves. Of course, exposure to culture and activities is a wonderful thing, but there should be balance in everything you do. Sometimes the most wonderful bonding times are just cuddling and talking!

You and Jeff are awesome parents and I'm so glad you have such keen instincts. Knowing when enough is enough is an important thing. Good show darlin.

Eternal Lizdom said...

The funny thing is there was no intent to pack up the schedule. We just kept having things happen. We kept getting invites. We kept getting opportunities. And it was stuff she'd love, the family would love. But all at once is just too much. So we have to find a way to say no... I turned down Elmo Live tickets for this weekend, for example.

Anonymous said...

Schedules can get kinda crazy before you know it. Good choice to slow down a bit.

Garret said...

To the tune of your selected song, I'd like to interject, Feelin' Boobies.



Eternal Lizdom said...

Ha!! I will be sure to share that with Jeff, Garret. He likes feeling boobies...

Valerie said...

You are a breath of fresh air.

I like this chillax alot! I'm not one to be busy all the time. The only things that we have added recently is that we can get back into the park, its easier to get around so we are out and about about 5-6 out of 7 mornings a week, and Miss Moon is a big WHINE bucket.
So as I take a look at your list of things that you are doing, I don't even know how you complete all that and work full time!

I'm glad to see you post about slowing down, and awesome job reading Teagan's clues. I personally find that children should not be busy with planned activities everyday. It's just too much. Play, simple play too, that's where its at :)