Thursday, January 6, 2011

What I'm Watching

I have to admit that this is a fluff post. I have a big post I'm mulling over but have gathering to do before I can write it. So today, because not much else of worth can get out around that Big One I'm working on, you'll have to bear with me on the fluff. But fluff is good, too, yes? We all need distractions and silly stuff to keep us going, I think. So here's what I'm watching these days... I'm watching House. Christy has all the seasons on DVD. I've caught an episode here and there on TV and enjoyed it but never gotten into it enough to watch regularly. So I started with Season 1 and am currently halfway through Season 2. I'm enjoying it immensely! But I have noticed that I'm a little more paranoid about washing my hands and am pretty certain I have an infection or lupus or a parasite every time I feel a twinge or tingle somewhere. I'm watching Freaks and Geeks. Emily loaned me the DVD's for the entire series. I loved Freaks and Geeks when it was on and was bummed that it didn't last longer than it did. I always thought Jeff would love it because I thought he'd really relate to it. But he doesn't. So I'm enjoying it on my instead. I think the reason I like it so much is because of how much I relate to Lindsay. She's a good kid but hangs out with a crowd who does dumb stuff (sex and drugs and drinking) but they are good kids in their own way, too. I was a good kid and had friends who did dumb stuff but I didn't do the dumb stuff. I've also got Season 4 of Dexter in the queue. Jeff got it for me and I'm very excited to watch it. It's the John Lithgow season and I hear it's amazing. Then I'll just have to wait for Season 5 to be available. January 16 is the premiere of Season 5 of Big Love on HBO. I need to watch Season 4 before then! Jeff is very excited for Winter Wipeout to start on ABC tonight- we always laugh our way through that show! V has started up- we have it on the DVR and will watch it soon enough. No Ordinary Family is one we started to watch and then stopped because of scheduling. We enjoyed it though so we do want to watch. The Middle and Modern Family started back last night and we enjoyed them! Glee starts next week. Desperate Housewives started this past Sunday. There is a new show starting Feb 9- Mr. Sunshine- that I want to check out. Chuck and How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory and Community and The Office and 30 Rock are still on the list, of course. I've enjoyed Biggest Loser and Live To Dance this week but didn't actually watch either show carefully or completely. I'm probably more invested in Biggest Loser than the dance show. What are you watching on DVD right now? What's taking up space on your DVR? Anything that's a "must watch" as it airs? Photobucket


mimbles said...

I've had a bit of a dvd binge recently on account of the Christmas haul. I've watched seasons 4 and 5 of Lost and series 8 of Spooks on my own, and we've been watching series 1 of Jonathan Creek with the kids. I've also been watching Farscape with Tom, we're on to season 2, and Angel season 4 with Caitlin. Tom got the series "Life" narrated by David Attenborough for Christmas - absolutely spectacular and fascinating - and I got The Life of Mammals, so there's been plenty of nature documentary watching going on too!

Waiting in the to be watched pile is a complete Rumpole of the Bailey collection, the complete Foyle's War, Torchwood series 2 and Doctor Who series 5.

Wouldn't have a clue what's on or coming up on TV, but if there's anything decent I'll get to it on dvd eventually, except Doctor Who, that we download IMMEDIATELY (and then buy the dvds too).

Shell said...

What did you think of this week's How I Met Your Mother? I thought the countdown was to something else entirely.

I really liked Live to Dance.

Pretty Little Liars is back, Big Bang, Top Chef, Rules of Engagement, Grey's...I watch a lot of tv!

Joanie said...

I have been working my way through all the seasons of NCIS, thanks to Netflix. I'm on Disc 5 of Season 7. I do watch the show on USA but they are jumbled up. I wanted to see them in order. Next on my Netflix run is Northern Exposure. I loved that show and want to see it again.

We (John and I) regularly watch NCIS, CSI: Miami, New York and Las Vegas, Criminal Minds.

In "Reality TV", it's The Biggest Loser, Amazing Race, Undercover Boss.

I watch The Event with my son.

I watch most of the USA shows, because I'm a character. (haha)

For the record, I saw the first episode of The Middle and thought it was the most stupid show on TV and cannot believe it's still on the air.

Bill Lisleman said...

We don't have a DVR and our cable package doesn't include HBO. I don't have a problem with the setup because it all starts to add up - time and money.
Watching a series on DVD is the way to go. I got a new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm so I'll be watching that. Also, we gave each other a BlueRay player that connects to the internet so we'll be watching some movies that way.
With the internet connection who needs the DVR.

Karen M. Peterson said...

I had no idea we watch so many of the same shows.

Dexter Season 4 is AMAZING. Showtime is having a free preview this weekend and apparently Season 5 is going to be available OnDemand. I'm SO hoping I can watch it and not have to wait for the DVDs!

msprimadonna67 said...

We just started watching Freaks and Geeks on DVD--great stuff! We're also waiting with baited breath for the new season of Big Love: )