Monday, January 31, 2011


This is such a Monday.

We have a huge winter storm heading our way- ice and inches of snow and winds and bitter cold and potential to lose power and the world is going to END! Of course, my boss and our HR department will still expect us to get to work.

I'm sick. It started coming on Saturday. It hit full force overnight into Sunday. I didn't get enough rest on Sunday like I wanted to. I'm still miserable today. It's a cold- not a horrible one but one that's enough to make me feel awful.

I'm just sick enough to be really whiney and overly emotional.

I brought in a toaster to work and got "in trouble" for it. Put it out for everyone to use and it's apparently a "safety hazard." Which is BS. I pointed out we had one at our old end of the building and was told "it's a new world now." Was also told that a toaster is basically a gateway drug because if you allow a toaster, then people want a griddle and a cappucino machine and...


There go my plans to set up a hotel style "free breakfast" buffet.

Toasters, the new marijuana. My office, the toaster free new world.

Part of me wants to go home and crawl back into bed. For now, I'm keeping my door shut and hoping everyone just leaves me alone.



Dillypoo said...

Well, that just sucks! We're bracing for the same storm system and I'm planning to work from home tomorrow. Hopefully you'll be able to also!

Stay warm and feel better!

Lola said...

We all have those days! Hope it just a one day visitor!

My hubby's office has the same "no appliance" rule now.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you are feeling so crummy! I'm so over this ice and snow and the whole sky is falling thing and nothing has even fallen yet. Ugh.

But, I honestly did laugh out loud at the toaster being labeled a gateway drug.

Feel better soon!

Shell said...

I had to laugh at toasters being a gateway drug!

I hope you feel better soon!

Garret said...

Ugh. You made this post so humorous it's hard to be sympathetic. I'll try though. Sorry Liz (giggle)

C. Beth said...

Ditto what Garret said--such a funny post!

But...hoping and praying you're feeling better, stat.

Karen M. Peterson said...

"Toasters, the new marijuana."


Sorry about the dumb rule, though.