Sunday, February 27, 2011

Burrito Night- Trader Joe's Style

Taco night is always a fun dinner. I have memories of taco night when I was a kid- hard shells crisping in the oven, ground beef and seasoning, shredding up the lettuce and grating a block of cheese. And that was about it for taco night.

All grown up... and I like some serious variety in my homemade tacos and burritos. Last night, we skipped the crispy shells completely. I went with whole wheat tortillas. We did brown up ground beef and taco seasoning.

Jeff's a pretty classic guy for his burrito- sour cream, cheese, meat, lettuce, taco sauce.

Teagan likes sour cream, meat, cheese.

Zach isn't a big taco eater so he tends to eat everything separate- meat, cheese, a side of applesauce.

I like my mouth to explode with flavor. Thankfully, Trader Joe's helps me out with that!

My burrito:

First, I spread some sour cream on my tortilla. Next, a generous portion of these refried black beans with jalapeno peppers. Insanely good. I'm not a huge fan of refried beans. But I love black beans and I love jalapenos so this can of beans is perfect for me!

Next, I spoon on a little bit of ground beef- but I could easily skip the meat altogether, really.

Then the part that makes my burrito completely irrisistable for me... this Trader Joe's Chimichurri Rice. It's a frozen side dish and it has tomato, onion, and peas in it for veggies. It's also insanely heavy on the cilantro and I looooooove cilantro. I mean, I seriously LOOOOVE cilantro!! So this is what makes my burrito taste fresh and gives it a special kick.

I top it all off with a few jalapenos- just because I like it spicy!
For my beverage last night, I took a little less than half a glass of Simply Limeade and then filled the cup with Trader Joe's sparkling lime water. It was delish!

While at Trader Joe's on Friday, I happened upon this wine. I'm not generally a white wine drinker so I didn't buy one. But if you know someone who enjoys white wine or if you know someone who collects blue glass, this is a perfect gift!

The wine I did pick up is a Spanish Tempranillo. While it would be great with my burrito... I prefer to save it for my post-bedtime couch time.

How do you do taco/burrito night at your house?



Mrs4444 said...

I love Trader Joe's, but we don't have one near us. I'm thinking of going to Madison tomorrow (3 hour drive) to take part in the protest. I'm told they have a Trader Joe's....haha

Garret said...

I've never done a taco night. My mom does awesome ones. She fries up each corn shell. She makes a red sauce with a lot of chili powder and onion in it. Yum!

I've done burritos and like a Weight Watchers crock pot version that I've made several times.