Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Icetastrophe 2011

We’re getting hit by that big old nasty winter storm.

Monday night, we got a solid coating of ice. So solid that school is closed, Jeff’s office is closed, and even MY office closed (that hasn’t happened in the 11 years that I’ve worked there). Tuesday afternoon, round 2 hit. I think guesses (i.e. weather reports) are that we end up with inches of ice and some snow on top once it's all said and done.

So we're locked in at home.

These ice pictures were taken around 4 p.m. on Tuesday- just as round 2 of the storm was starting to hit. Hopefully we keep power overnight and I can update with pictures of the end result tomorrow. Hopefully we keep power for the sake of that whole staying warm thing, too.

Ice 1
Ice 2
Ice 3
Ice 4
Ice 5
And being locked in meant keeping busy! I got some housework done- cleaning up the living room and playroom, vacuuming, doing dishes, cleaning out the fridge, and so on. The kids enjoyed most of their day playing together and we ended the day with cake- because there is nothing better than icing on the ice storm cake!
2.1.11 1
2.1.11 2
2.1.11 3
2.1.11 4
2.1.11 5
2.1.11 6
2.1.11 7
Hope you stayed safe and warm if you’re in the storm’s path!!


Joanie said...

Guess you'll be home all day Wednesday too.

Our ice storm has just started (it's around 12:30 am ET). I can hear the ice pellets hitting the ground outside my window.

I'm ready. got flashlights, candles, water, cell and laptop will stay charging so they have full power if we lose power. Best of all, tomorrow is my day off, so no having to decide if if I should try to go into work.

Stay warm and safe!

noexcuses said...

Next storm, I'll give you a call and tell you what's coming. We had the sleet for most of yesterday, with the flakes beginning last night. It's very pretty to look at, but deadly for walking. We managed to escape a power outage, but not the low temps. out the fridge... good idea! I think I'll add that to my list today!

Enjoy those cherubims! They are both darling!

Garret said...

The pictures are fantastic Liz. I love the beauty of snow and ice.

Amy said...

At least the view is pretty, even if the weather is nasty. We made cookies here, but that icing is looking oh so yummy.