Tuesday, February 1, 2011


There are times you should never put ink to paper. Blogging under the influence would be one of those times. You get drunk, you write stuff, you publish it, and you read it when sober and regret it. What about blogging under the influence of emotions? To be fair, some of my best writing has come about when I write from my passions, when I'm fired up, when I'm reacting emotionally. But there are times when I know that I shouldn't write from the heart. There are times when I'm having a bad day- like yesterday- and the day doesn't get significantly better and the day wears on and I get more and more sensitive to other people's personalities and if I sit down to write when I'm on the high aggravation side of those times... Well, it would just be ugly. I'm working hard to sit on my fingers and not go down that path. I'm staying off some of my favorite websites because I can feel that I'm itching to pick a fight. I've had to literally force myself to grin and literally bite my tongue to avoid spouting off to someone who wouldn't take kindly to my sarcasm. I'm fortunate to have people in my life who understand the times I end up in this kind of mood. I'm hopeful as I wait for the end of the day... hopeful that my kids had good days at school so we can have a relaxing and fun evening at home. I have Christy to vent to, joke with, talk to. I have my husband who will hug me and help out as best he can to ease my emotions. But I have to work to get myself in a better emotional place. I have to make sure I don't let my bad day ruin the day for others. No blogging under the influence. You guys deserve better than that! P.S. How the heck is it already February?



Heather said...

So totally been there before - loving the self-control! It will serve you well ;)

mimbles said...

Sends *hugs* and internet tea (which comes with the option of conversion into real tea should you have a kettle to hand).

Or perhaps I should send them to Christy and Jeff? They might need restoratives after they get vented at! ;-) It's good to have people you can do that with :-)

Katherine said...

I think that not writing when you get particularly worked up about something is so hard. I've had horrificly bad days and felt that I just had to write, but then regretted it afterwards. But I guess that if I'm sharing who I am, that would be me too.

Mellodee said...

I think you should go ahead and write....just not on Blogger!! Bring up a new Word document and type away all your emotions, and feelings, and anger, and angst you're carrying around. Say what you think, write what you wish you had said, or could say. Let it all out. Vent away!! When you have said everything you want to say and you maybe feel a little better, save the document, turn off the computer and go read a book, or take a bubble bath, of watch TV, or whatever.

Tomorrow afternoon or evening, go back to your document, read it, you might be glad that you didn't publish it, or you might still feel those same emotions. You can then either delete it and move on to something else, or you can write some more and then put that aside for a day, until your mood has changed and you're feeling better!

I do this myself sometimes when I know I'm in danger of going over the top. It works for me. It might work for you as well!! :)

Garret said...

Mellodee has a fantastic idea. Either way, here's a cyber-hug.

Call Me Cate said...

Another vote for following Mellodee's method!

It's part of why I blog under a pseudonym - I still hold back on certain things but I also have the advantage (or sometimes DISadvantage) of being able to just let it fly if I really want to do that.

Interesting note though - even with that shield between me and my "real world" people, I often type it all out and then don't publish.

Karen M. Peterson said...

I've had to stop myself from hitting "publish" MANY times when I've written something under the influence of emotion. Bad, bad things could have happened if I'd had just a little less willpower.

As for how it's February, I really don't know.

Bill Lisleman said...

Honestly this has not happened to me very often. I did a post about my dad once after going through some pictures of him and memories were refreshed in mind so much I couldn't sleep.

It could be the gender difference. Also, the emotional writing might have something to do with the reason women typically have more blog followers than guys.