Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kid Bits

We have a new bit in our bedtime routine with the kids. Teagan goes to sleep within moments of being tucked in- no issue there. Zach likes to get out of bed 3, 4, 10 times and can take an hour or 90 minutes before he finally stops getting out of bed and lays still long enough to go to sleep.

We accidentally happened upon a new method.

We tuck in and as we leave the room, I tell Teagan "You go right to sleep! Love you!" Then I tell Zach- "Remember, you just have to stay in your bed. You have to stay awake!"

He then begs me to let him go to sleep!

It hasn't solved the attempts to extend bedtime- but it has significantly reduced them.


Teagan handed me a sheet of paper from school with information about a new kid salon opening near school and a grand opening special they were running. Teagan asked if we could go. I explained that we get our hair cut by Ms. Lisa (she was the kids' daycare provider until they went off to preschool). Teagan then asked if Ms. Lisa will always cut our hair and I said pretty much- yes. Teagan then asked, "What if she dies? Does Mr. Allen know how to cut hair?"


Death is becoming a word that's more normal in our house and I still find it jarring. The kids play and make their little characters exclaim, "I'm going to kill you!" I find it obvious that the true concept of the finality of death is lost on them when the character voice responds, "I already died so you can't kill me!"



Joanie said...

We used to have a thing we did at bedtime. First of all, I only ever read books in bed.

If they gave us a hard time about going to bed, Greg would say, "Do you want to walk upstairs or should I carry you?" They got carried up all the time, no problem! :)

In order to get them to get into their PJs, we'd have them race to do it. We'd start to count, and the kids would fly upstairs to get the PJs on!

Mrs4444 said...

This is cute. We have to be creative when parenting, don't we? For us, it was "Do you want a Valcore?" which I think was a character in the Neverending Story (the dog? character the boy rode the back of as it flew through the sky) The kids would hop on and head up to bed. Kendall actually got one recently, for old times' sake :)

Katherine said...

I love that you tell him he has to stay up. Very funny.

Our new thing to get our kids to clean is to channel their favorite show. When I tell them they need to hurry and clean their room, I shout, "You have a minute to win it! Go!" It works suprisingly well.

Garret said...

You need to do a Bill Cosby-ish type video and interview kids about stuff.

Karen M. Peterson said...

My mom used to tell me I wasn't allowed to sleep during nap time. It worked very well.