Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Fragments: Giving and Getting

First, gotta start by GIVING you a good laugh!

Mommy's Idea

Last summer, my family met a dog at the Farmer's Market. He was visiting with our local Humane Society. I fell a little bit in love with him. Teagan and I even visited him at the shelter when we brought donations up one Sunday. He's awesome with kids and we came home and had a discussion (Jeff and I) about taking Sassy up to meet him and possibly adopting him. But our little bitty Sassy is 13 years old. And since this dog was already reported to not do well with cats, we feared he might not do well with very small cat shaped dogs, either. And we figure that Sassy really deserves to be the queen of our home for her last years. It's not the right time to adopt a new pet. Thankfully, Trice was adopted by a wonderful family not long after we had that talk so my heart was at ease.

Well, Trice is back at the Humane Society. What I've been told is that there was a neighborhood cat that Trice got into trouble with and the family had to bring him back. They were apparently heartbroken over it- he was awesome with their kids, especially their special needs child.

This is Trice and he needs a home in the worst way so if you live in the Indy area, please consider going to meet this sweet boy and take him home to your kids.

You could be GIVING a dog a safe and happy home and GETTING an incredible pet with unconditional love and unbelievable joy in return!

Tomorrow, I run a 5K.  After this weekend, I'm ready to fully commit to my training runs with Team In Training.  I'm still concerned that my heart isn't fully in it and part of me still wants to switch to the cycling event.  The thought of cycling 100 miles vs running 13.1 is so insanely appealing.  But I'm not feeling confident about the fundraising at all.  $2800 is a lot of money.  And I'm almost to the halfway point of fundraising for the half marathon.  I guess I have a little more time to think about it.  And if you'd like to make a tax deductible donation, please visit my Team In Training donation website

Special thanks to my recent donations- my mom (her first time donating to one of my causes so you know this one's serious!), Mim and Katie.

I'm going to add some info to my Team in Training blog page as well but want to let you know that each of these women have crafty skills that you can take advantage of!  Check out the Team In Training page for more info!

If you are GIVING me a donation, you will be GETTING a thank you from me, marketing from me, and most of all, you will be GIVING someone who is fighting a blood cancer hope, treatment, education, support.

So very excited for my evening!  It's a regular thing for my friends and I to go out for sushi but I love it soooooo much that I get very excited for it.  Our sushi place- Wild Ginger on 116th St- is the kind of place where you compare any other sushi to it and if you eat other sushi- even if it's good- you end up craving Wild Ginger.  And once Wild Ginger is in your head, you MUST have it.  It's been in my head for a few days and now we are heading out to celebrate a friend's birthday!

I'm GETTING sushi! That's all. No give.

Happy Friday!!!



mimbles said...

If I didn't have 2 cats and a dog and live on another continent I would adopt Trice in an instant, I mean lookit that face! What a gorgeous boy.

Bill Lisleman said...

I just finished dog sitting my granddog last week. It was OK but not what I want all year. We don't want another dog. Really if more people thought about the whole picture with pets the humane places would not be so filled.

Amy said...

I saw on the news that the Hamilton Co. Humane Society is really busting at the seams. Did I see on your FB page that Trice has been adopted?

Garret said...

That is a cute dog but your "very small cat shaped dogs" statement amused me.