Sunday, June 5, 2011

100 Acres

Art + Nature = 100 Acres

The kids loved the first exhibit- it's a giant basketball court with hoops galore and large ball trajectories that the kids could interact with and run around.

As we entered the park, Jeff spotted this little teeny tiny frog amongst the gravel path.

The kids loved climbing around on Funky Bones.

I hope that Teagan can always feel this kind of joy!


Although... he seems a little unsure about this face!!

This is really fascinating.  This is Indianapolis Island.  Last summer, 2 people spent time living in this space.  Sometimes together, sometimes in solitude.  Visitors to the park could bring them gifts and messages.  They had a boat- they weren't stranded or anything.  I spent a lot of time pouring over the blog the inhabitants wrote while they were there.  I'm hoping there will be new inhabitants soon- I would love to participate by interacting with the next set of artists who live there!

This is Eden II.  The ship is out in the water.  On the shore is a guard shack.  You can walk up onto the little porch of the shack and peer into the windows.  In the shack is a set of monitors- and you can "see" inside the ship.  There is video playing of the people on the ship (there aren't really people on the ship- it's a video).  It's a neat concept.

Best of all, the kids just enjoyed being out and about in nature, walking trails, climbing special benches, discovering tiny frogs and pretty flowers and catching a glimpse of a squirrel and lsitening to birds.

And one last trip to Free Basket before we got back in the car.

Teagan has been talking about wanting to go back.  She was a bit obsessed for a few days, in fact.  I look forward to another trip- but next time, we will bring bug spray.  Indiana has been hit hard with mosquitos this year.  We were doing fine until a specific point on the trail when we were suddenly infested- I had several in my hair.  We hightailed it back to the car at that point.

Art and nature.  A lovely combination in My City!

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Katherine said...

That place looks like so much fun.

The mosquitos haven't hit us (yet!), but we are being overrun by gnats. Everytime we go outside, I wonder how I keep forgetting the bug spray.

Tara R. said...

What a cool place to hang out, I can see why your kids want to go back.

Unknown said...

It looks like SUCH a fun day! LOVE it : )
And I can tell that somebody got a new camera : )
These pictures are awesomesauce!

Raymonde said...

What a great place! Your photos are awesome. I really like the first three. Have a beautiful day.

Over from SIMC

Claudya Martinez said...

Seriously fantastic place. I love that the kids get so much out of it. Your pictures are wonderful.

Keetha Broyles said...

I still lived in Indiana last summer and I never even HEARD of Indianapolis Island until your blog today.

What a fascinating thing!!!

Natalie said...

What beautiful pics! That was a great way to spend some time outside with the family...thanks for posting them!

carol anne said...

I love the flower and mushroom photos. We took a walk to the duck pond tonight tonight and just got eaten alive by the mosquitos. Must be a bad year for them.

mimbles said...

You've got some fabulous shots there Liz! The kids are gorgeous, as always :-)

Garret said...

Cool photos! #2 was my favorite. I was going to mention some others but they're not numbered so it will get confusing.

The Reason You Come said...

These are all great shots! I'd love to see this place myself. And I'd love to try living on Indianapolis Island, but I'd probably be a little scared.

Mrs4444 said...

These are terrific, Liz; I loved each and every one :) Thanks for sharing a bit of your vacation.