Monday, June 27, 2011

Climbing Trees

Every kid needs someone to teach them to climb a tree.  Thankfully, we have Aunt Christy who is aware of this important part of childhood.

We have a couple of trees that are ideal for early climbers who are in need of a little help.

I don't remember climbing any trees until I was in junior high, actually.  Up until that point, we'd lived in apartments or condos or other communities that didn't have the types of trees you can climb.  But once we had a house, we had great climbing trees and I loved nothing more than to climb up high and just observe the world.

Now that I'm a mom, I'm not so sure I want my kids being so adventurous.  It's definitely a scary idea- kids way up high with hard ground beneath them. 

But climbing trees is such a kid thing, isn't it?  Like cartwheels and splashing in puddles and skipping.

Can someone please tell me why my 6 year old is already posing for her Senior Pictures??

And while there are no pictures to prove it... I just might have climbed up into the tree for a minute or two...



mimbles said...

Climbing of trees I can cope with, it was the climbing half-way up and then jumping out of the enormous pine tree on to the pile of hay that had me closing my eyes and cringing. That was Caitlin and a whole bunch of other kids at a reenactment camp last year. It's a wonder there weren't any broken ankles.

I used to climb into the jacaranda tree in our front yard with a book and stay there for ages when I was a kid.

Liz's Mom said...

Liz, do you remember the time when Ted was 6 years old and climbed a tree at Aunt Kate's house? He fell out and knocked out a front tooth. After he finally stopped crying he was so pleased that he had lost his first tooth!

Katherine said...

That looks like a perfect tree for little kids to climb. My boys are starting to be big tree climbers, and like you, I'm not sure I want them to be that adventurous.

Jason, as himself said...

There really is something so essential, so innate, about climbing trees, isn't there? I remember it well, but my kids haven't gotten to do it very much, it at all. I must remedy that situation!

Karen M. Peterson said...

Grandma Rose (who was not actually my grandmother) had the best climbing tree in her yard. You couldn't keep me out of that tree when we visited her house. I loved it.