Monday, December 12, 2011

Declaration: Dec 22 is Lazy Day

The kids and I had a really hard time getting out of bed this morning.  We all wanted to sleep a little more or at least lay around a while longer.  But there's work and school and schedules and we just have to keep going.

Dec 21 is the last day of school before winter break in our district.

Dec 22 has been declared Lazy Day in our household!

The only plan so far is that the kids and I will stay in bed as long as we want.

Dec 21, they will be up late.  We have our Christmas program at church.  Afterwards, it might be fun to go see some Christmas lights- there is a home near church that coordinates lights and music and there is a large display done every year at Reynolds (local business).

Dec 22, Jeff might have to get up for work.  Or maybe he'll schedule the day off, too.

Dec 21, I'll even prepare for the laziness of the next morning.  I'm going to stash breakfast foods in the bedroom- we'll treat ourselves to toaster pastries and cereal bars and maybe bread and peanut butter.  I'll make sure we all have our water bottles close by.

If a kid wakes up, they can read quietly in their bed.  Or they can come lay in my bed.  Once all kids have arrived in my bed, the TV will go on and they can lounge in bed and watch TV and eat some breakfast while I keep dozing.

We'll plan out movies to watch once we roll out of that warm and cozy cocoon.  I'll make sure we have popcorn and chips n salsa on hand.  We'll have frozen pizza for lunch.  We'll stay in our jammies all day.  We'll play in the playroom, in the living room.

If we feel like cleaning up, we will.  If we feel like getting dressed, we will.  But if we feel like wearing pajamas all day, watching TV all day, and laying around all day- we will!

Dec 22 is Lazy Day.  Do you need an official Declaration for it in your home?



Alison said...

Yes, yes, we do! But that's what Christmas is for us--a day with just us, at home, no chores, no obligations. Oh, and there's presents and a nice dinner. But mostly, there's lazy. :) It's a great thing to look forward to; I'm sure it will help just a little bit in dragging yourselves out of bed the next 10 days.

This year we get THREE days off together--the first time we've had more than a day off at the same time since our Big Trip. Soooo looking forward to it.

Dillypoo said...

If I bring a sleeping bag and my own granola bar, can I crash with you guys, too?

Nej said...

You pretty much described my yesterday. With the exception that I did get up to make some toast in the kitchen.....then moved myself to the couch for the rest of the day. :-)

Garret said...

Sometimes Lazy Day just happens. No plans.

Karen M. Peterson said...

December 26 is going to be my Lazy Day. And I can't wait!