Friday, December 30, 2011

2011: A Review

I did this type of review in 2010 and I love going back and reading it.  Let's do it again for 2011!

I was hardcore serious about healthy living and was making plans for what it would take to run a half marathon.  I realized that I am a Penguin.  I started thinking about birthday parties.  Teagan learned about Martin Luther King, Jr.  I shared some heavy posts about my past- the difficulties of facing the abuse I survived.  I bonded with women in my church family at my first women's group church retreat.

Our area was hit with a big ice storm.  I reshared one of my favorite videos of Zach.  I focused on being purposefully positive every day.  My friend Lisa shared her experiences as a primary caregiver.  I ran a training series 5K in my quest to reach my first half marathon.  I learned important lessons about my son when I read to his class of 3 year olds.  I was invited to be part of a group of bloggers to visit our State Capital and spend time with our Lt. Governor and had mixed feelings about being there.  Teagan and I participated in our church Talent Show.  I had some deep thoughts about Humility.  Teagan had a heart scare.  And I continued exploring the ups and downs of healthy living.

Started with a bang when I learned I have exercise induced asthma.  I ran 10K in minimalist footwear.  I shared my weird way of eating M&M's.  I shared some deep thoughts about meekness after a sermon at church.  I took the Mom Pledge and outed my haters.  As we approached Teagan's 6th birthday, we learned she had an odd request and we also celebrated her special day in fun ways.  I shared my involvement in my husband's podcast (which I am now the regular 3rd host for, by the way).  I attended a Good Form Running Clinic.  I ended my month by chaperoning a small group of teen girls to the Revolve Tour in Columbus, OH and came away with bigger experiences than I had anticipated.

Another hurdle in being healthy- discovering the impact of low iron.  I completed a 15K.  Major changes hit my job.  I did the Race for the Cure 5K with my mom friends.  I started to get interested in bike riding.  I ran the worst race of my life- a 10 miler.  I signed up for Team in Training.

I ran a half marathon!  I did a comprehensive exploration of the difference between Subway and Arby's chicken salad.  I had valuable insight of the relationship between my kids.  I gave a sermon at church- one that was powerful for many and personal for me.  I attended Opening Day of our local Farmer's Market.

We took a mini-vacation and had a little fun with announcing the surprise trip to the kids.  We visited 100 Acres at the Indianapolis Art Museum.  I shared my thoughts on running shoes.  I was a bit overwhelmed at the number of people who were being reported as missing.  I got excited about inspiration.  After a fun bike ride, my friends and I experienced a true miracle.  An unexpected ending came with the shutting down of the online mom community I had been a part of for several years.  I looked back at some of the promises I had written to Teagan early in my parenthood.

I wrote a passionate post about divorce.  I got caught up in the Casey Anthony drama.  I wrote a post about the things I love about my church- and about what makes it different.  We learned a lot about Zach when he took a basketball clinic at the Y.  My job continued to be very stressful and demanding.

Jeff took off for GenCon.  I wrote a big post about my experiences with breastfeeding.  And August always means that it's time for the Indiana State Fair- which unfortunately saw tragedy this year.  Teagan started 1st grade.  I learned about being an overly visible woman and I went to my first Women of Faith event.  We had an important discussion about people being different.  Snapped a great family pic on our back deck.  I started the Great Art Class Controversy.

I got irritated by rude people.  I had to come face to face with my missing motivation.  I was deeply touched by the last words of many who died on 9/11.  Teagan had a very hard time adjusting to 1st grade.  Christy and I did a second bike ride.  We learned more about Teagan and her personality.

We continued to struggle with parenting Teagan.  I celebrated National Coming Out Day.  Jeff and I celebrated our 8th anniversary.  I encouraged my readers to feel themselves up.  I gave you a tour of my gym.  My baby boy turned 4!  We learned that Teagan was bullying again.  I had some really down days.  And I wrote about what a bully might really look like- my daughter.

I defended the importance of Thanksgiving.  Jeff and I got to take Zach on his school field trip to the pumpkin patch.  Jeff took an interest in cooking.  I shared a way you can easily give compassionately at Book Fair time.  Zach continued to demonstrate how funny he is.  I got excited about being a spark that turned into a bit of a fire!

I shared our annual St. Nicholas tradition.  I also shared the story I love to share every year- My Magic Christmas.  I expressed my lack of knowledge about the Occupy Wall Street movement.  I shared that I wanted my friendships to be deeper.  And I ended the year with another set of posts that generated some great discussion on children and obedience.

Here's to the New Year!



Jason, as himself said...

What a year it has been! I'd say it looks like it was a pretty good one for you.

Enjoy the last few hours of 2011, Liz!

Anonymous said...

You did good, momma! :)