Monday, January 9, 2012

Quick Updates

1.  We got Buttons!  She is cute and very snuggly.  She also makes all kinds of piggie noises when she breathes, walks, sleeps, etc.  She is also HUGELY food motivated (partially due to her Cushing's Syndrome).  More details to come.

2.  This will be a week of transition- which means some acting out and everyone figuring out how they fit into this family.  So I anticipate plenty of cleaning up the floor and figuring out new routines and schedules.

3. Work is kicking my butt today.  Big time.

4.  Today was my Big Plan to Kick Off Being Healthy Again Day.  However, work has interfered.  No time for the gym.  And with the dog situation, working out this morning was not an option.  And this evening?  Given how worn down I am already from this stressful day- I don't see it happening.  So I am a bit frustrated- which adds to my stress.

That's about all I got for you right now.  The good news is that Jeff and I love each other, my kids are healthy and happy and doing great, and that while life is crazy and stressful... it's not bad or traumatic right now.  We truly are blessed- even if the everyday things make it a bit more challenging to see sometimes.



Alison said...

Work kicked my butt today, too. Ugh, such a MONDAY! And I'm slowly getting over a cold or something that whupped me last week and weekend, so the gym is just a faded memory. And my pants are getting tight. Grrrr....

On the positive side, congrats on the new pup! Is she a dachshund? Looking forward to the details!

Katherine said...

I can't wait to hear more about the dog.

You are right. Even when I'm stressed and grumpy, I just have to remember that all the things that really matter are going just fine!