Thursday, January 26, 2012

Before and After and Back to Before

Ever find that a little bit of organization goes a long way towards helping you feel more in control and on top of things?  I definitely have my limits- even though I'm not one to spend half a day on house work and I don't have the "place for everything" rule in my home, I do find that the chaos can lead to disorganization and feeling overwhelmed on my part.  That's when I know I have to take control of the laundry, the clutter on the couch or ottoman, deep cleaning the bathroom, or cleaning out the clutter from the front door area.

The same holds true at work.  Last week, I was slammed with some Big Hot Issues.  When I came in on Monday, my desk was far messier than I prefer it to be.

Trying to take advantage of opportunities- rather than focus on the headaches of situations- I took the time that I was tied into a conference call and got my desk cleaned up.

Making progress:

Aaaaahhhh.... that just feels better.

And it never got done beyond that and pretty quickly came close to the first picture again.  The funny thing was that I would go to put my hand on a document or something and know exactly where it had been but would struggle to recall where I had put it away.

Ah, well.  I did manage to weed out some excess paper to my recycle bin and I did file away a few things and I did find some things I could easily take care of and pass on to someone else.  It was still an accomplishment, even if the goal met wasn't the goal set.



C. Beth said...

I definitely feel more at peace seeing the second picture! I can struggle with clutter too but when I do get on top of it, life definitely feels better.

Alison said...

You have a cool-looking phone. :D

Bill Lisleman said...

I know clutter bothers many but I don't find it related to feeling under control. Now being told to clean my clutter - that's a control thing.
I've seen much worst than the first picture and I do think that when the piles of stuff threatens a crushing avalanche is has gone too far. Too clean of a desk tells me the person is on vacation.

Liz Mays said...

I do that all the time when I reorganize. I never remember where my great new location is. I can also declutter and be back in clutter by nightfall. :(

Karen M. Peterson said...


Seriously. In fact, at the moment, my desk looks much worse than yours. Much, much worse.