Monday, January 30, 2012


This past Saturday, Teagan participated with the YMCA school program from her elementary school to present the Dragon Dance as part of their presentation on China.  If you have 6 minutes with nothing to do, you can watch the video below.  You will see Teagan at the start as she gets in place as the tail and at around 4:15, you can see her shake the dragon's tail- skip ahead to 5:30 for the final bow.  She was so excited and so proud of the practicing they had done and the decorating and everything.

Here she is just before they took the stage- she just looks so big to me in this picture.  So old, so grown up. She's in the gray boots...

It was a really cool event.  It's an annual event- the YMCA World Fair.  Each school represented a different country and the kids had done a lot of work to make decorations and provide information about the country.  Each booth offered some sort of fun food or craft or game, too.  Edamame in Japan, noodles in China, etc.  It was fun but a bit chaotic.

Best of all, the event was free.  And the Y had a table set up to provide information about their summer day camps so I'm eager to get Teagan signed up for those and might even have Zach do a few weeks there, too.

Oh- and we had no idea Teagan could do this:

(Only backwards- she can't really do it frontwards!)


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