Sunday, January 29, 2012


I always get a little grin when I read the Keywords that other bloggers share from their stats.  Some of them are downright funny.  I've never done that kind of post because my Keywords are always pretty dull.

And they still are, in my opinion.

Aside from the folks who land on my blog because they specifically search for my blog ("eternal lizdom"), the rest of the list is kinda... meh.

ballet dancers plie

costco cheesecake

m&m package

wooden firetrucks

"jasmine trellis" trader joe's

baby playing tennis

balls with handles for kids

Since the list, while random, is boring, I thought I'd have some fun and go Google each of those Keywords to see what I found.

You can imagine that "ballet dancers plie" would result in a pretty broad set of results.  And it did.  I went scanned through several pages of search results and image results without seeing my blog.  Refined it to include "lizdom" and found links to posts from 2009.  Scratching my head over this one- especially since it brought multiple traffic to my site.

Since the broad sounding terms offer too much for me to sit and scroll through, I went for the more unique sounding one next.

"jasmine trellis" trader joe's - I don't see the Trader Joe's connection but there is a link to my blog in the first page of results.

So I guess keywords aren't something of interest for my blog.  And now I feel bad that I wasted your time with this post since it netted nothing of interest.

Maybe if I posted about gold price or treatments for rheumatoid arthritis or Blue Ivy's godmother or nitrous oxide or right to work or Pat Sajak (all top search terms right now)... Nah, I don't think it will net anything interesting for a future post, either.

And here's how I feel after attempting this post.



Garret said...

Uhhhh those were pretty boring keywords. Mine are:

guilty dog
rv nude
the far side
nude rving
pointy nipples
wic check
huge bird cage
guilty dogs
how to draw garage door in plan

Garret said...

By the way, the pointy nipple thing is a constant. Try Googling those search terms in Google Image search. That's where most of my hits come from.

Garret said...

Oh, here's my pointy nipple post:,r:8,s:37&biw=1494&bih=857

Alison said...

lol, mine are even boringer: there aren't any! I still haven't let my blog be "crawable," for privacy issues. I'm thinking about changing that, though.

See, I guess this post wasn't so "blah" after all. And maybe now you'll get a hit for "Pat Sajak!"

Bill Lisleman said...

your post about eating M&M's is a great one that I still remember.
"Disney", a brand name, or celebrities names like Beyonce can catch a few drive-by browsers. I don't think those quick browse-bys result in many followers which is what you really want. So keywords are handy but good post writing is essential. Oh my, I hope I didn't bore you too much with this comment of ideas you probably already knew.

Anonymous said...

My favorite keyword search that led to my blog is "end of world diane lane movies".