Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fishers Farmers Market Opening Day 2013

Opening day of the Farmers Market is always a great day!  

First and foremost - I have to express my disappointment that Sugar 4 didn't return this year.  I don't know if I can get through the summer without a jalapeno brownie!

Here is a list of this year's vendors:

Castaway Compost - worm compost
Artistic Landscaping - hostas
Artisano's Oils & Spices - vinegars, oils, spices
Artisano's Iced Tea - Assorted cold teas
Bags of Wags - doggie Treats
Bliss Haven Farms - cut flowers
Boyd's Fudge - fresh fudge
Chocolate for the Spirit - gourmet chocolates
Cookie Casa - gourmet cookies
Cornerstone Bread Co. - fresh baked breads
Corner Cottage - cut flowers, mums
Earthly Delights - produce
Extreme Pizza - take and bake gourmet pizzas
Gallagher Farms - produce
Grandpa's Jerky - beef jerky
Guacamole and More - fresh guacamole
Harvest Coffee Roasters - coffee and tea
Harmony Winery - wine 
Lisa's Pie Shop - pies, cinnamon rolls, punch
Lollie's Candy Shop - bulk candy
Mathoo's Eggrolls - eggrolls
Mary's Confectionery - cake balls
Mim & Blondie - baby blankets, tutu's
My Dad's Sweet Corn - corn
Our Garden Soaps - hand made soap
Pat's Philly Pretzels - soft pretzels
Pete's Pastries - danish style pastry
Phil Foster Fruit Farm - produce
Royer Farm Fresh Beef - all types of meat, eggs
Sandy's Homestyle - jams, salsa, pickles, fruit spreads
Skillington Farms - breakfast sandwiches, bread
Spencer Farms - produce, jams, jellies
The Measuring Cup - gluten free baked goods
The Walking Waffle Company - fresh made waffles
Wildflower Ridge Honey - Honey, beeswax, bee pollen
Wilson Farms - produce
Your family Pasta - assorted bulk pasta

And some pics from our visit this morning.  It was a quick visit since it was chilly out and I've got this sinus infection leaving me a bit wonky.  So we hit some of the major stops and came home.

I seriously dream about this breakfast sandwich.  The sausage is made from pork from Skillington Farm and they sell these wonderful sandwiches - homemade sausage, fresh egg, homemade bread.  So good!  The kids kept asking for bites.

And we can't come to the market without visiting our favorite honey lady!! The kids were asking for honey straws before we'd even left the house!

Wilson Farm Market had all kinds of tasty and tempting treats!

Huge stack of kettle corn!

Hoosiers love their noodles!  And look at the size of those snickerdoodles!

These are the kind of candy apples you take home and cut up to eat!
One of our weekly stops - amazing eggrolls!!

Gallagher Farms is really a large veggie patch in a guy's backyard.  And he must be getting larger because he is selling more this year than last year or the year before.  And he designed a really cool wagon to sell his stuff out of!


One of the new vendors this year is Walking Waffles.  I'd never heard of this before.  It's soft and chewy and crispy on the outside.  The trick is that the dough has pearl sugar in it and on it so the waffle basically has the syrup cooked right into it so you literally just walk around with it and eat it like a super soft cookie. Zach was especially a fan!


 The market is in a new space this year.  Previously, it was in tight quarters by a little train station right along 116th St.  However, there is a new and more open area in the back of the municpal area.  This is the more permanent home for the market.  It's also an area the town uses for community events - like public concerts and family movie nights.  

The new area is more spread out which will help with crowd control - the old space definitely got a bit crowded.  But it also felt less intimate.  I also think parking is going to become a big issue.  


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Katherine said...

I can't wait to get to our farmer's market. But I need to be more like you, remembering that we can have a meal there, instead of just buying produce.