Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Some days, I just need to be submerged in worship.  Immersed in my connection to God.

because that is where things are simply...


Today is one of those days.

So I sit at my desk.

Earbuds in.

And I listen to Gungor.  And City Harmonic.  And David Crowder.

All praises to the one... who made it all... who find it beautiful.

Fearfully and wonderfully and beautifully made.

You are the beauty. You are the light. You are the love, love of mine.

I immerse myself in music, worship, praise.

Cause we've seen.. the glory of... our King... of the mountaintop.

We've been to the mountaintop, we've seen the glory of our God. He is here!

He's here in the valley low, I feel it in my bones.

I remind myself that there is purpose, there is meaning.  And that I must wait and discern. Wait and have patience.  Wait and listen.  I must realize that there are times that silence is truly wisdom.

What I need is You to touch me

Let me feel you shine... so beautiful and warm... so beautiful and bright

And I listen and very quietly sing (or I sing very loudly in my head and heart).  And I pray and talk to God.

And I stay silent.


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Unknown said...

Liz I am the same way. Immersion helps me stay on track. New song on the rotation...... Only you by Casting Crowns. check it out!