Monday, May 27, 2013

Disney Clothes

One of the great things about going to Disney is pulling out my stash of Disney clothes and also finding fun things for the family to wear.  Here are some of the things I am very eager to pack for our trip!

Matching shirts for Teagan and Zach - pink for her and red for him.

Our travel shirts - Mickey ones for Jeff and Zach, Minnie for me and Teagan.  We plan to wear these on the day we fly in and the day we fly out (we also plan to do laundry while on our vacation).

Shirts for the boys when we hit Star Wars Weekend at Hollywood Studios. 

And this is one of my favorite shirts.  I will pack it in case the hotel room is chilly.  I've had it since early college so it is nearly 20 years old.  You can see how frayed the neckline and sleeves are.  This is one of my big time comfort shirts - great to wear on a chilly evening, if I'm sick and curled up on the couch, and was worn to soak up many tears when my heart's been broken.

I'm also quite excited that I am managing to get Jeff to wear t-shirts on our vacation.  He is not a t-shirt guy.  But we've found some good ones!

This one was actually a gift from Christy a few years ago.
How about you?  Any favorite pieces of Disney clothing?



Nancy said...

We have the set in the middle! We also have 2 other sets of Disney outfits to wear on our trip. It was a struggle to get Jim to agree as well, but he is humoring me!

Garret said...

I have some Disney pieces here and there but I can't remember what they are. I think it's 2 hoodies with something Disney.