Thursday, May 2, 2013

Disney: Training for 10 Miles Per Day!

I've heard that you can easily walk up to 10 miles per day at Disney World.

10 miles.  20,000 steps.

That's a lot of steps.  Especially for short little legs.

My kids are 8 and 5.  My 8 year old could walk to the moon and back and still ask to go out and ride her scooter around the block.  My 5 year old, on the other hand, has to be bribed to walk to the corner.

So we've started walking as a family.  The kids are willing and even eager to participate because they know why we're doing this - so that we can have the energy to spend a full day at Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios.  We've made sure that everyone has comfortable and sturdy sneakers that we can walk in now and take with us on our trip.

I created a training plan.  

Remember that these walks aren't about speed or anything.  It's about building endurance!  Bring water bottles, bring snacks for the longer walks.  Take the longer walks in interesting places like a nature preserve, walking trail, to a park or favorite restaurant or ice cream shop.  Stop for a break if needed.  The idea is just to get your kids (and you) used to being on your feet for extended periods of time.  

Just like with any healthy living choices, it's all about preparation and commitment.  Best of all, making this plan work in our current schedule now means that we should be able to keep it up when we get back from vacation - a new addition to our healthy lives!

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