Friday, May 3, 2013

Obsession: Disney


a persistent preoccupation with an idea or feeling

(I took out the negative words... like "unreasonable" and "disturbing.")

I have a new obsession.

All things Disney.  It's building as we get closer and closer to our vacation.  I've got plans in place to help us get our bodies prepared for all the walking required.  I've got plans in place to overload on Disney books and movies.  I've started to work on my lists for what we need to pack.  I'm overly concerned with making sure each member of the family has enough Disney t-shirts to wear for each day we are on our vacation.  Jeff might kill me for this set of matching and coordinating shirts that I want us to wear on the flight down... Mickey for the boys, Minnie for the girls.

I bought myself a red and white polka dot wristlet from Thirty One because it's very Minnie Mouse.

I got some adorable shoes that are also Minnie inspired.

I created an actual training plan for the family to help us be ready to walk up to 10 miles in a day - you can read about it over at the Be FIT Crew.

I keep searching for new blogs, new tips, new advice.  It isn't that I want to know everything, it isn't that I don't want surprises and magic.  That's going to happen no matter what.  But what I don't want is to be so overwhelmed by not knowing anything that I end up missing big or little things that could easily be enjoyed if I had only known.

I've created a Pinterest board just to keep track of all the Disney things I'm finding and liking and don't want to forget.

Best of all, I can focus on all these little details because I'm using Hi Ho Vacations to plan my trip.  Katie has been tremendous in helping me figure out which park on which day, what resort is best for our family, which restaurants to eat at and when, which characters meals are worth it.  She's been the one making the phone calls, booking things, getting discounts applied, and so on.  She and I sat down and went over each park and the best plan of action for each park.  She will have information for me on how to get to each park, how to use transportation.

I'm also getting quite reminiscent of my high school and college days when I also had a Disney obsession.  I had only been once - at that tender age of 5 when my mom took me for 1 day to the Magic Kingdom.  But there was such escape and fun in all things Disney that I couldn't help but love the movies.  Then the Disney Store hit the scene and I was a total sucker.  Watches, t-shirts, stuffed animals, prints.  I had 2 favorite watches and regret that I don't know where they are now.  1 was a Fox and the Hound watch.  It had Tod and Copper on the face and the background was reflective/silver.  Then I had a Goofy watch that ran backwards.  I loved those watches.

Obsession: Disney

I guess it's one of those things that started in childhood and never quite let up!



Rebecca said...

Did you see the pin that says if you say 'Andy's Coming' to the toy story characters they will all drop to the ground?


Also, if you can go to Universal Islands of Adventures...the Dr. Seuss part of the park is just like the book. I felt like I was in the Dr Seuss books and it was so amazing.


And if you go see the Shrek show be ready for the seats to buck and shake and move, get wet and all along with the movie.


Watch at least one of the 4-D shows. It's amazing and fun.

Rebecca said...

And why not splurge on the fancy autograph book for the characters signatures....on the left side there is a plastic protector for sliding a photo in...the right side is a place for the characters to sign.


And if you put your name/address in the book and it gets lost, they will mail it to your house.

Rebecca said...

ahahah, and also go to youtube and search 'splash mountain orlando' and do that for every ride you can think of/find so the kids know what the rides are like before you get there.

We spent HOURS watching test track, splash mountain, etc. . . .And the kids were so excited about riding their favorite 'viewed' rides.

Karen M. Peterson said...

I'm so obsessed with all things Disney. Even living down the street from Disneyland, I never get sick of it.

Love that guide about getting ready for all that walking. Very handy!