Monday, November 18, 2013

Reality Check

I've lost 5 pounds.

But I don't feel much like celebrating.

Because what I am first doing is working on losing the weight I've gained in the last 6 months.  I went nuts with food.  I was eating anything and everything and in any quantity I wanted.  I was completely ruled by food - and the greasier, sweeter, saltier, and more processed the better.

And when I lose the weight that I gained because I was being... lazy, self-indulgent, unaware... I don't feel like there is a whole lot there to celebrate.

I'm proud of myself.  I'm very glad a friend asked me to partner with her so we can support each other.  Because I needed a push, I needed something to get me out of that downward spiral that I was in.  And I am making better choices most of the time.

And once I get back into the weight zone that I was in 6 months ago... then I will feel like I am actually back on track.  And then I will start to really celebrate my losses, my successes.

Because I will have successes to celebrate!



Katherine said...

Every victory can be celebrated. I haven't lost any weight with my new fitness program, but I'm in such better shape and feel so much better about myself that I don't actually care about the number on the scale.

Karen M. Peterson said...

I agree with Katherine. Every victory is something to celebrate. But I also understand where you're coming from. When I look at where I'm at now and where I was a few months ago, I just get so mad at myself.